Westfield Shopping Center

Westfield shopping centre in Shepherds bush is the place to be this winter as the well-known chocolate makers Ferrero Rocher have announced that they are bringing back their pop-up for a second year! Whilst most of us are imagining that this will happen in some grand house somewhere which resembles an embassy, this is in fact not the case. Sadly.
The company, who have always had something of a flourish to their marketing and promotions bill this pop-up as a ‘multi-sensory journey which takes you behind the layers for an altogether new kind of chocolate experience’ now, we love a bit of marketing, but we think that this might be a step too far for the imagination given that it is a single chocolate which can be scoffed in a single mouthful. There simply isn’t enough time to enjoy a multi-sensory journey. One munch and its gone!
The Forrero Rocher team have not been put off though as they are really going to town. They are offering tickets (don’t get too excited as they will actually cost you £25 for the privilege!) to sit in a room and experience a basically mini tasting session through 5 different courses. Each course is inspired by a different part of the chocolate and you are surrounded by light and sound concepts to match each one in order to enhance every mouthful. They also chuck in a glass of prosecco to help ease the sting of the cost. Call us old fashioned but we think this is concept too far when you are selling somewhat overpriced chocolates in the first place. Yes, of course they are nice but £25 for a tasting session? We would have to have an actual Ambassador fed them to us for that. And chew them first too.
If you love chocolate, there are other alternatives that are a little more down to earth. Choccywoccydoodah has to be the leading name in chocolate creations and in Soho you cent go past without at least taking a peek at their fantasy displays in the window. This shop actually has a café attached which means that you can sample their delights in better surroundings and for a much more realistic price than the pop-up in a shopping centre. Their creations are a little weirder too. Here you can buy a life-sized chocolate skull, which is actually 3kg of solid chocolate for £65 but most treats are just a couple of pounds without the headache of ‘soothing music’ and light displays.
It is a fairly safe bet to say that all of our beautiful elite London escorts love chocolate. They just don’t eat too much of it at a time so perhaps not best to gift one of the chocolate skulls as it would take them until Easter to eat it all! Certainly, a wonderful meeting point would be a café where you can sample some gorgeously rich hot chocolate and perhaps a little treat or two whilst you discuss the things that you like and then perhaps you can then go off and satisfy other desires that are equally as addictive as chocolate. Our stunning elite escorts in London have often been called addictive as they have a certain flair and set of skills that will have you needing to comeback for more after every date.
Our London escorts are available for dates in Soho, which is incidentally a very swish area of London now, but as well as the more central areas, our London escorts are also happy to visit clients who are staying or living in the outer areas of the Capital. Just give us a call and we can make the arrangements.