Tease to please with Berta

I love working as a London escort, I guess I just have that kind of personality. I have no inhibitions to speak of and this helps me completely let go and thoroughly enjoy every pleasurable minute of each of my appointments. I love the variety and the freedom escorting brings me and the opportunity to become whatever I want to be with that particular client. I have a very naughty personality, some call me cheeky whilst others call me a little minx, but I know they mean it in a good way.

A perfect example is my regular incall gentleman. He books me for an incall appointment in my Paddington location. My gentleman is a retired banker who loves to be teased. I always look forward to his visits as they give me the opportunity to be very naughty indeed! When he arrives, I take his coat and he always has a little gift for me like a box of chocolates, a bunch of flowers or a little item of jewelry. I tell him it is not necessary, but I think he is the kind of person who enjoys giving to see the pleasure it brings to the recipient.

I always have a glass of brandy ready for him and he drinks this whilst I run him a warm bubbly bath and make a fuss of him. I undress him and join him in the bath where we have fun in all the bubbles and we soap each other up and make quite a lot of mess! I sit on his lap in the warm bubbles and he strokes me all over, paying a great deal of attention to my 36D breasts. He loves the way my nipples become erect at his touch and he rolls them between his thumb and forefinger thoughtfully before taking them in his mouth and sucking hungrily on them. We stay in the bath until the water begins to get tepid and then we dry ourselves. I have a large fluffy robe I keep especially for him and he envelopes himself in it and waits for me in the lounge whilst I get ready for him.

Every week my gentleman gets a very special personal lap dance from me. He loves me to dress in my sexiest outfits and then gradually remove each item of clothing as I dance around him suggestively. At our last appointment I had decided to wear a gorgeous long silk wrap over dress, much like a kimono but longer, black silk stockings, my louboutin black heels, a tiny black lace thong which tied at the sides and a peekaboo bra which had two pieces of lace in each cup of the bra which could be slid apart for easy access to the nipple. I pinned my hair up for the final effect and sashayed out to the lounge where my gentleman waited in anticipation.

I turned my stereo on low for some sexy background music and began to sway in time to the beat. As I danced, I moved around his chair, stroking his face, thigh or chest as I did so. He was mesmerized by me and this spurred me on to be naughtier. Once I could see the physical stirrings of his interest I decided it was time to reveal a little more flesh.

As I moved my body I slowly slid the belt of my dress undone and dropped one of the shoulders off suggestively, I continued to move, slowly gyrating my hips and running my hand up and down my own curves whilst allowing my dress to slip into a puddle of material at my feet revealing my stockings panties and bra in all their glory. I moved closer to him and suggestively encircled one nipple with a fingernail, parting the soft lacy material as I did so and exposing a dark, hard nipple. This certainly got the reaction I was hoping for as he instantly began to shift in his chair. I moved myself closer and wiggled in between his thighs so that his robe gaped open, revealing his growing manliness. I stroked him with my other hand whilst still teasing my own nipple with the other, leaning in closer so that my nipple brushed his lips as I sashayed and swayed.

I stepped back so that I was just out of reach and his arms fell back to his sides, disappointed. I smiled a very naughty smile and brought my hands down to my hips to play with the ribbons which held my thong in place. I played with them suggestively, running them through my fingers and pulling just a little so that they inched undone, millimeter by millimeter. I turned to face away from him when I pulled the ribbons in one final flourish and whipped the panties away completely. My bottom wiggled and jiggled in front and I bent over so that he could have a glimpse of my pussy from behind. I continued to dance and wiggle whilst gradually backing up to him until I was eventually standing astride his lap moving my hips from side to side. His hands found my hips and he explored the curves of my bottom, the tops of my thighs and my soft pink pussy. His fingers gingerly began to slide over my pussy lips and I knew he wanted to feel the hot wetness between my legs but in one move I had spun around to face him and I bent over to dangle a full breast at his lips. He couldn’t resist and he licked and sucked the nipple that was offered to him. I had intended to move away and tease some more but I did enjoy the frisson of electrifying pleasure I felt every time he gently nibbled on my nipple so I cupped each breast and moved each one in turn across his lips, savoring the feeling of intense pleasure I was getting from his mouth.

His hands soon found their way to my pleasure spot between my legs and he rubbed his fingers back and forth over my wet lips. I parted my legs to let him know that he could now explore further and without any more encouragement he slid a strong finger deep into me. I rode his finger up and down until my legs ached and sensing my growing discomfort he turned me around and sat me down onto his manhood so that I was in a backwards cowgirl position. I lean both hands on his knees and rode him well. My legs were wrapped around the back of the chair so that I could lean further and give him access to go as deep as he could and within minutes we were both roaring with delight. He held my breasts to support me which rendered me totally powerless to go anywhere except ride back and forth, up and down on his very impressive manhood.

I love seeing my retired gentleman and I get a great deal of physical pleasure from him. I know he enjoys seeing me and I look forward to our weekly trysts. The question is, you have heard how much fun a simple 1 hour encounter can be so can we make a date to have some fun together perhaps?