St Pancras is an area of London which is mainly thought of as being associated with the railway station rather than as an area for residential and social living however it was originally a parish within the boundary of Camden and was considered to be the focal point of this area before the arrival of the railways. Our St Pancras escorts have noticed the change in the types of encounters they enjoy in the area since they are being asked to spend more time with locals who live in the new apartments rather than the traditional visitors who are just passing through.
St Pancras is located right in the heart of the city and is often the first point of arrival for many visitors. Once arriving lots of gentlemen seek out local accommodation and then some sensual company with whom to share their time and so it is a natural desire to contact our Exclusive escort agency as our beauties are some of the most reliable, adventurous and local to the area.
You could say that St Pancras as an area is coming full circle because there was a time when the medieval parish was a thriving residential area. The church which still exists today is said to be one of the oldest places of Christian worship in the entire country which shows that a settlement formed in the area from very early on. Geological aspects forced the local population to move away from the area en masse in around the 14th century as the river fleet was prone to flooding and the area remained unpopulated until development in the early 1800s. It is difficult to believe that this part of very busy London was once a quiet place although sometimes our St Pancras escorts would wish it were still so!
The arrival of the first two major train stations of Kings Cross and St Pancras in the mid 1800’s divided the area and industrialised it. There were few residential places here as it was developed only for industry. St Pancras has remained this was ever since then and it is only in the last decade that residential building has really been focused upon. Our Elite St Pancras escorts lin London love the fact that so many of their clients are situated locally now. As our London escort agency offers an outcall service, our escorts in St Pancras are more used to visiting clients in local hotels rather than private homes but this is fast changing.
In a modern city with such an extensive and long history, some things change beyond recognition and some remain the same. This is the case with the old Midland hotel at St Pancras. Originally built in 1873 after Sir George Gilbert Scott won a competition to design an imposing hotel for the, then, new railways station, the 300 room Victorian gothic design was the grandest in the world. For years it was abandoned but after a £150 million restoration clients can now spend time with our stunning St Pancras escorts in any of the luxurious £3000 per night suites. Of course in order to spend time with our beautiful and elite escorts in St Pancras you don’t need to spend that much, our outcall escorts St Pancras are happy to visit clients who are located in more modest locations, it is always about the fun and imagination you can share than the surroundings. Why not give us a call and make that date with any of our sensational escorts in London, especially if you find that you are in the St Pancras area of the city.