Relaxing airtravel with our escort models

We all know that aeroplanes are not the most comfortable of places, but if you’re en route to a tropical island of course comfort is a small price to pay for a short period of time! Whilst you know that you’re not going to be sat in the agonizingly rigid position you have found yourself in for the rest of your life, you can’t help but get a little frustrated. In an attempt to relieve the dull aches and pains, you find yourself taking regular walks up and down the cabin, as do the majority of people. Yes, that’s all pretty normal! However, what you do not expect to see taking place beside you, is a woman engaging in some very compromising yoga positions. Although the stretches started off as being relatively normal (neck stretches and that kind of thing!), the woman soon proceeded to do a headstand on her seat! Finally, after 20 minutes, the flight attendant asked her to stop. Despite being hesitant, the woman complied and soon normality was restored.

Of course, if you are a professional businessman, you will most likely be travelling in a bit more style so you can avoid chaos such as this! Whilst we understand that travelling in style is of upmost importance, we are also aware that any companion you wish to share your lavish lifestyle with must be of the same caliber. Our Exclusive London Models Escort Agency is the place where you will discover the most incredible and high class ladies – the experience will be one of a lifetime! All of our model escorts offer outcall services. Whilst our beautiful ladies are able to accommodate gentlemen in their own apartments or visit their hotel, they are also available for professional engagements. To speak to one of our Exclusive London Models‘ receptionists, call 0208 166 0209 or 07798 895 104.