Perfect Companions

ELM support a diverse clientele whose tastes and companionship requirements vary according to their engagement purposes, diaries and particular desires.

Since they are all extremely well educated, our UK escorts are naturally adept in all social functions, from off-the-cuff get-togethers to formal dinner parties, black tie gatherings or as a charming girlfriend at a friend’s wedding. That said, some of our escorts are better suited than others to functions and clients whose activities and interests coincide with their own and allow them to shine in a particular environment. One of our courtesans, for instance, is a stunning artist, and well versed in contemporary and historical art who would prove a most suitable companion with whom to tour the great British galleries or as a companion at Sotheby’s.

The perfect companion is hard to find – which is why we encourage clients to call 0208 166 0209 or 07798 895 104 and discuss their requirements beforehand with one of our receptionists. This way we will be able better to select the more appropriate escort to match your needs.