Pack it in!

Even though it is coming to the end of the summer season, lots of people still have yet to enjoy their well earned breaks. A number of people tend to book ‘out of season’, that is that they aim to avoid the school holiday period and therefore enjoy a quieter and more relaxing time in the resort of their choice. Flights are much less stressful (and quieter) and the entire trip can be a peaceful and relaxing pleasure. Until you have to pack. Most women will agree that trying to fit a week or mores’ worth of belongings into a single suitcase is a nightmare. With airlines limiting the amount of luggage we are allowed, packing everything you need has developed into an art form.

A new video released this week showed a woman fitting over 100 items into her hand luggage case and it has seriously changed the way we look at packing! Excess baggage charges are to become a thing of the past!

If you travel regularly you will already have got your packing organised in a way that suits you and indeed our beautiful London escorts are used to fitting all their belongings into a small overnight bag. It is nothing short of magical although the use of packing cubes do come in handy!

At Exclusive London models, our high class escort companions are International beauties. They are often requested to spend the weekend away with their clients and so they have perfected the art of packing as well as many other things. Whether it is an international destination or a weekend away in the country, you will find that our London escorts have nothing short of super powers when it comes to bringing everything they need in a small overnight bag. Just right to drop into the boot and look forward to a wonderful weekend away. Call now to book your date with our high class London escorts at exclusive London models.