Oysters off the menu

Dinner dates with our elite London escorts are very popular. We have a high number of clients who book these types of dates with our model escorts every week. Since there are so many award winning restaurants in all areas of London the choice is extensive, as is the same with our gallery of gorgeous girls. We all know that there are certain foods that are considered as aphrodisiacs. They are the ones which increase the sex hormones and raise the libido to record levels. Seafood is a strong contributor in this area with oysters coming top in the seduction stakes. They are high in zinc and their amino acids trigger the production of hormones which may lead to heightening sensual pleasure receptors in the body. This could all be coming to an end though since recent research has shown that with sea levels warming in general, the release of more bacteria in the waters mean that your favourite shellfish could soon be poisonous. So that’s oysters off the menu for foreplay then!

For those who enjoy a sensual and erotic dates with our model escorts in London this is not the end of the world. Our elite London escorts have wonderful imaginations and a great sense of creativity and the lack of oysters in not likely to impinge in any way on your pleasure together. Since there are so many other foods that are considered to have aphrodisiac properties the sky is the limit if you have a little imagination. Bananas, Avocado, Chocolate and honey have all been considered to be able to lift the erotic mood so all is not lost. Of course our high class London escorts do not need any outside stimulation to get you in the mood for fun. Their sense of adventure and their skills and talents mean that they are fully equipped to ensure you both have the very best time together. Call Exclusive London models to find out for yourself when you make a date with our high class London escorts. 0208 166 0209