too much time on your hands?

Trending today is the shocking story of a two-year-old from Washington DC who was fined $75 when a letter with her name on was found in alley near her home. Despite being a toddler, the two-year-old received a ‘notice of violation’! In this ludicrous case, the key piece of evidence that was used was a letter from Bucky’s Buddies – a kids club where the tots mother went to college! Not only were the parents expected to pay this uncalled for fine, they also had the expense of attorney bills. The attorney insisted that the unaware toddler was innocent and fought in an attempt to have the fine rescinded. Although it isn’t clear how the letter ended up so far away from the family home, the parents believe a careless bin man must have accidently left the rubbish behind. In turn, this led to an innocent two-year-old being accused of littering, despite not even being old enough to take the bins out!

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