Messing about on the river

What better way to enjoy the last of the summer warmth than on a boat on The Thames. We don’t actually mean cruising up and down this historic stretch of water but rather, enjoying the various events available on the Good Ship Benefit. Moored at Embankment pier, this boat is only around until the end of the month but in the last two remaining weeks, there is still plenty of fun to be had.

If you fancy the traditional English past time of afternoon tea then you can enjoy this one with a magical twist. Disappearing dip, pink and orange scones and savoury lollipops add a new dimension of fun and take some of the stuffiness out of it all. The rooftop film club runs everyone’s favourite classics every evening and if you are in need of a makeover then head down to the Captain’s cabin where the benefit team can work their own magical wonders. Workout sessions for those with excess energy are available on Saturdays and you can load up on all those lost calories on Sunday with a bottomless brunch!

The Thames forms the backdrop to so many pleasurable events in London, all of which can be enjoyed in the company of our gloriously gorgeous London escorts. Given that the river runs through so many different areas of the city, you can find our High class escorts available in almost all of them, even those places that are out of the city itself.

There are other boats that are moored along the river which offer daytime and night time cruises so that you can see the landmarks of the city. Most of the oldest ones are situated along the riverside and at night they glitter and sparkle as they are reflected in the water adding a touch of romance to every moment. Make them even more magical by being with a VIP London escort so why not give us a call and make your date now.