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Orgasmic meditation is the newest kid on the block which comes under ‘mindfulness’. If you have done yoga and you have failed miserably at meditation then the thing you should be doing, according to one company in New York, is Orgasmic meditation. Oming is where a total stranger spends 15 minutes massaging the woman’s vagina and clit in a bid to bring about an orgasmic experience. Apparently this is different to climaxing, which is not the aim, but the orgasmic experience is supposed to release a sense of calm and relaxation that cannot be achieved with regular meditation and yoga. No $*!£ sherlock!

Apparently there is no male equivalent yet but we can see an opportunity, however we are wondering as to the legalities of this practice because surely, if this is something which is deemed as part of the ‘wellness’ family then we might want to rebrand!

There are all sorts of different things that the millennial generation are seeing as simply part of their culture of self discovery. Broader minds and a more bohemian society is something that is growing at a very fast pace. We already see it ourselves with our Elite London escort agency in that there are more and more women in their twenties who are seeking encounters with our escorts as well as our usual male customers. Couples too are starting to look for new and more exotic ways to find fulfilment and excitement within their relationships an that is why our duo encounters are becoming so popular.

Our Elite London escorts are always up for new ways to add that naughty element to an encounter. They like to join in with the fun a couple has in private although all our elite London escorts respect the fact that the couple can have some initial boundaries as to how they all have fun together. Part of the role of our high class London escorts is to find out exactly what the couple are trying to achieve within the encounter. It might be that the woman wants to experience a sensual and erotic tryst with another woman whilst her partner remains part of the menage a trois. It could be that this is the way that the couple are seeking outside input into their intimate relationship in a more controlled environment which has rules and boundaries that neither party will cross. However the couple see it or however the individual female clients see it, this is all a part of the gradual changes that are taking place within our society. Orgasmic meditation is simply another way of achieving sensual fulfilment with social acceptance and, quite frankly, with a price tag of over £500 for 3 single 10 minute sessions we can think of far cheaper way to achieve the same thing, if not much better!

With our elite London escorts you can enjoy a tryst which lasts anything from a single hour to an entire weekend or even longer. Whilst our beauties are not considered to be amongst the cheapest in the city they are certainly the best and far cheaper than the equivalent amount of time spent achieving Orgasmic meditation! Why not call our London escort agency and find out about all the different services that our elite London escorts offer including sensual companionship for both men and women and for relaxing encounters that may just help you reach a level of fulfilment otherwise never achieved before. Watch out London, we are going into the ‘wellness’ business!