London Festive Shopping

With less than one week to go until the big day, most people are finishing off their Christmas shopping and drifting into the bars and pubs that offer the most festive spirit. Many do so with groups of friends whilst others arrive with family groups. In a city like London though, there are many people who spend Christmas away from their homes and without their friends and family by their side and for these people, the chance to enjoy a night out with a beautiful woman is one not to be missed.
Our Exclusive London model escorts are available to date throughout the Christmas period and many are also in London, away from their homes at this time of year. As we are an up class escort agency we attract the worldwide talent of many top class models and beauties from around the world. Many of these ladies are not native to London and so their Christmases are spent away from home too although that is not to say that they are lonely by any means, they always have a long list of parties to attend with their debonair clients and events that they go to with their regular clients and at this time of year there are always parties, social gatherings and galas to attend that require accompaniment and our beautiful exclusive London models are the perfect choice.
This year has seen plenty of new bars and pub openings than ever before in the city. They say that the economy is taking a battering, however the fact that so many new places are opening up and staying open shows otherwise. Indeed, we have seen ourselves that the demand for our high class companions has not diminished at all in the wake of Brexit or any other media induced fear factor, contrary to popular belief, demand for the services of our stunning International models has actually increased. The fact that we are a top class London escort agency which represents the very best model escorts from around the world means that the service we provide is always to the exacting standards our clients desire. It may be the case that those escort agencies which cater to gentlemen who do not demand the very best may be suffering but this is certainly not the case for our beauties.
Termini Centrale is a new top cocktail spot in Soho that our excusive London Models like to visit. At this bar they focus on exquisite cocktails as well as imaginative food and it is the ideal place for our escorts to enjoy a date night with our clients. If you have not yet been there then this is an obvious place to visit over the festive period. Coupette is a modern London bar which has innovative drinks choices as well as imaginative food choices as well. The Calvados based cocktails are not what you might imagine for a traditional Bethnal Green bar but this is no traditional bar. This is where the East End of London got hip and discovered champagne pina coladas!
Kaleidoscope bar in Liverpool street turned out to be a great place for our London escorts to meet with their clients. Dates which started here tended to have a romantic and exciting flavour about them as they were akin to all those films where lovers met at Grand Central Station. This is not New York and Liverpool Street was the meeting place of choice but with a wonderful choice of whiskey based cocktails available this meeting point often turned out to be the bar of the night for many a date. London has so much to offer, it is worthwhile seeking out these new and wonderful places, in the company of our stunning model escorts of course!