London Eye

They say that the sincerest form of flattery is imitation and if that is the case then London must be one of the most flattered cities in the world. There are no less than seven imitations of London Landmarks worldwide and in some places in the world like China they seem to have made an artform out of copying worldwide attractions as there are no less than 17 different attractions that one would recognise from all over the globe. Over 4,000 miles away in the Jiangsu province of China, there is a life size version of Tower Bridge. It is, in fact, a larger version of the original in that in London there are two towers, one on each end of the bridge but in china they have decided to go two better and have four! Not only have they decided to larger with the towers but they also have two lanes of traffic each way rather than our single file traffic in London but then they didn’t have over a thousand years of history to content with when building the copycat bridge.
Almost 5,000 miles away in Japan, they have decided that they needed their own scaled down version of Big ben. In London our famous clock is a massive 315 feet in height but in Japan, where a great many things are smaller, their Big ben copy called Kolkata is just 135 feet high. The clock is one of the attractions in the Tochigi World Square theme park. Here you can get to visit all the attractions around the world in one afternoon as there are over 104 copies of places like the Sydney Opera house, The Houses of Parliament, the great wall of China and the great pyramid of Giza too so that could at least save on a worldwide travel ticket!
The London eye is a massive attraction that almost all tourists want to experience during their stay in London however it is admired so much so that there are two copies of our British attraction in the world with one in Vegas and one in Staten Island in New York. The fact that the London eye is a modern version of a large Ferris wheel means that the designers do not hold the patent and the attraction is actually able to be built anywhere else and for anyone who has the money. Our high class clients could actually be in the running there but in our experience our clients prefer to spend their hard earned fortunes on pleasure in other ways and with other people.
Imitation is something that we at Exclusive London Models have had to deal with this year too as there have been countless escort agencies open up which claim to represent top class models from around the world and match them with discerning gentlemen who are visiting or residents in London. Of course as our clients know, our escort agency model can be copied however the service that we provide can never be emulated and indeed this is also something our high class model escorts know too as they are the ones to seek out representation from us when they are in the UK rather than from anyone else. They understand that the clients who contact us are looking for truly exclusive beauties who like to have fun and as fun is the main reason our elite model escorts enjoy their time in the city, Exclusive London Models escort agency is the first place they come to. Never accept an imitation, always go for the real thing and contact our exclusive London escort agency for top class escort models in London.