As far as festive traditions go, the Christmas Pantomime has to be up there at the top. Most British people have grown up with this festive treat where they are taken to a local theatre and a story is played out by a local theatre group with song and dance. Children grow up and then take their own children along in a tradition which spans generations and even for those who did not go every year with their family it is still something that most schools provide as a festive school trip every year. Love them or loathe them they are here to stay and to those who have not grown up in the country they can seem a little odd. Our own Elite escorts who are from various parts of the world often find themselves a little confused in trying to understand the concept where men take on the comedy female roles and women play the leading man but then, we are British and all a little odd at times.

The Christmas panto as it is known is mostly associated with family fun and entertainment for children however there has been a growing trendin recent years to tailor the tradition to a more adult audience. Local burlesque groups and drag shows have taken the traditional performance and re-written the scripts to work with an adult and ruder feel and these are proving more popular than ever before.

One such company, ‘sink the pink’ drag act is performing at the elite Selfridge’s store which goes to show just how far they have come in terms of mainstream acceptance. This strictly ‘adults only’ pantomime entitled ‘The Queen’s Head’ is a take on the classic East End pub acted out in panto style with pints pianos and soap opera style theatrics and a great deal of adult humour thrown in. The setting within the store is close to the premium spirits area on the lower ground floor, quite apt in fact and the setting is that of a typical old East End ‘boozer’. The audience does not sit in traditional theatre style seats but instead they sit around pub tables adorned with traditional beer mats to give that totally authentic pub feel. In a performance that is as camp as Christmas the story is set around the fact that the pub is to feature on a local news network for their Christmas lights switch on. With such larger than life characters mayhem ensues with laughs all round, although this is certainly not one for the children.

This is, in fact, the ideal date to enjoy with any of our elite London escorts as it would introduce them to the Panto tradition in a more adult setting and the adult humour is something that would certainly not offend them in any way, although you may need to explain some of the jokes with our elite London escorts who are not from these local areas. Comedy drinking and dining is a new concept that is appealing to many. There have started to be new shows popping up all over the country which feature comedy set in a more dynamic and interactive setting. There is lots of improvisation which certainly makes for a truly unique evening so if Pantomime is not your bag then why not try a comedy dining night out with the characters from Only Fools and Horses where you get to enjoy a Gala dinner as a guest of Marlene and Boycie although as you might gather, things do not always go well with Del Boy, Rodney and the rest of the crew also in attendance. These various comedy dining evenings take place all over the country and there are always plenty in London to enjoy so why not give us a call and we can arrange your night with one of our lovely ladies to enjoy something a little less traditional.