KFC Sunscreen! Crispy!

The fast food fried chicken chain of restaurants seem to have no boundaries and big ideas when it comes to totally unrelated merchandise. This week they launched their KFC ‘Col. Saunders extra crispy sunscreen’. It has an spf of 30 and apparently smells like fried chicken. Of course who doesn’t want to smell like fried chicken on the beach and be extra popular with stray dogs? We checked that it wasn’t April the 1st and since it is August we had no reason t believe it was an April fool joke.

This is not the first time the restaurant chain has raised eyebrows. In the summer they launched a friend chicken flavour nail polish which was hugely successful in Asia (of course) so they have little doubt that their sunscreen will be no less successful. We can’t help thinking that you will just end up being permanently hungry when the sun comes out but perhaps that is the idea!

Companies are resorting to weirder and wilder ways to promote their brands and whilst many are downright funny others , like this sunscreen, are just plain weird. It is highly unlikely that any of our VIP Model escorts will be lashing on this cream, they prefer far more exotic scents designed to attract discerning gents not stray mutts!

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