Keep it cool in Summer

Unlike the charm of summer days in a rooftop bar, hitting the sack when you are feeling hot and sweaty can be painfully uncomfortable. To make matters worse, a vast majority of our British public do not have air-conditioning in our homes, so here are five useful tips to make summer nights slightly more bearable besides the obvious ideas of ditching the thick duvet:


Give your sheets a freeze

It may seem a little absurd to put your bed sheets in the freezer instead of the washer but hey, whatever it takes to have a more cooling sleep right? So if the heat is keeping you up, remove your sheets, place them in a carrier bag and pop it into the freezer for a little freeze. It’s like freeze pop for your skin.


Ice up your fan

This method is a cheap and obviously less effective alternative to an air-con, but it beats doing nothing to bring down the temperature. Fill a huge bowl with ice cubes or cold water and prop it in front of your fan. The fan will then pick up the cold moisture from the melting of the ice cubes and circulate the cool air instead of spreading warm air around. Do keep it away from the electric though!


Take a cold shower

A cold shower is probably the first thing anyone would do to refresh themselves during a terribly stuffy night. Just before going to bed, brave an cold shower and you will all set a good night’s sleep. Or not. This would depend on whether you had booked an overnight date with one of our high class London model escorts. Either way these ideas can keep you cooler during a steamy encounter because, lets face it, when you have booked a date with our sensational London escorts you don’t want the pesky british weather to spoil your fun