Its toast for the post-it!

Technology is an amazing thing! Soon you won’t have to talk to your flatmate over breakfast ever again with the new Toasteroid coming to a shop near you soon. This wonderful gadget lets you write a message on your phone and send it to the toaster where it will imprint the message into your morning toast! You can send emojis, text whatever you want and is a great way  of communicating via food. Of course most of us just leave a post-it note on the fridge but this is a new way for getting creative. The company behind this masterpiece is currently raising money via Kick starter so it could be a while before it is in the shops.

As well as  household gadgets tech has taken on a new role to enlighten our lives in so many ways. Sextech may not be something you have heard of however it is promoted as the way forward is orgasmic ways. We can now interact sexually with partners who are not even with us and as they say – whatever it is , there’s an app for that! Of course when you book a date with any of our gorgeous London escorts you would expect them to be present. Whilst all the new tech looks great, it cannot beat the intimacy and pleasure of spending private time with another human being.

Hologram sex is the newest innovation which looks set to explode into a living near you sometime in the future. Not only will you be able to see your partner this amazing technology promises to enable you to feel and hear them too! Again, great if you are unable to make contact with your favourite companion but nothing can beat the genuine touch of another real human.  At Exclusive London models we have plenty of stunning companions so that you never have to resort to a hologram, unless of course you both want to add some spice into the equation! Call now to make your date with our genuine human London escorts.