Historical London

London is a city which attracts hundreds of millions of visitors and tourists every year. It is well known that the cityt is full of history, landmarks and attractions, many of which are known the world over however there is a great deal of history that is not assdsociated with various kings or queens although it has played a part of equal, if not greater importance in the social shaping of our country as we know it today.

These historical facts are not only interesting but they are so important to various elements of the way in which we live our lives today so it is difficult to believe that so few people know about them. Historical facts and interesting pieces of information which have been lost from the common knowledge and yet have formed the basis of modern living are included in the less well tours of London. These are tours that people tend not to do as much as others and certainly they seem to have become more popular with International tourists than UK people whose lives are more than likely to have been affected by them. If you are visiting London on business or coming into the Capital from other parts of the UK then it would be worthwhile to find out which rides and tours in London to enjoy just so that you can find out the roots of certain traditions and habits and indeed why places gained their names and even the history behind well known nursery rhymes.

As well as all the regular tours that take place in London every day, the ones with the open top red buses and those which walk you around iconic London buildings there are companies who specialise in more quirky tours that give you a different perspective on this amazing city and parts of history that have otherwise been forgotten by the mainstream. The Jack the Ripper walking tour may seem a bit grsly but this walking tour around the streets in which he once prowled will take you around parts of London that are off the beaten track. The Sherlock Holmes tour is much the same although slightly less grisly and will take you around the London locations in which the fictional character was said to visit as part of his detective work and indeed his private life. Not to forget though that Sherlock Holmes was a fictitious character and Jack the Ripper most definitely was not!

The amazing Wembley Stadium tour is the most unforgettable one for any sporting fan. This tour will take you on a tour where you will walk in the footsteps of legends as you see the England teams changing rooms, stand in the Royal Box with the FA cup and even take a walk in the players tunnel. All hallowed ground for the avid sports fan and certainly something which features on many of the gift experiences that people could be getting this year for Christmas.

If you are planning to visit London and want to take yourself off the beaten track so to speak then you would do well to do some research to find some of the most interesting tours which will give you an insight into a side of London that is less well known. Of course at Exclusive London Models elite escort agency we know of other ways in which you can discover new parts of the city which do not feature on the most trodden tourist maps but of course you will ned to make a date with our stunning model escorts in order to do so.