Get out of Dodge!

A bank holiday is the perfect excuse to pack your bags and head out of the city for a couple of days. Let’s face it, the only reason you know it is sunny is because they told you in your newsfeed. You haven’t actually seen the sky in real life since April – wasn’t that the last bank holiday? You can no longer fool yourself that paying over £5 for a soft drink on a crowded roof terrace in the city is relaxing so get on a train and feel the tension leave you every minute you are further away from Kings cross.

If you feel a sense of panic arise upon leaving the city, we have plenty of companions who can accompany you and help you through the transition from city to countryside. Our elite London escorts love everything about of capital however they also appreciate the need to down tools once in a while and totally cut yourself off from the norm. Turn your emails off and only use your phone to update your social feed or better still, leave your phone at home and simply store the pictures of the day on that thing inside your head and, let’s say, call them memories! Radical we know.

Our elite London escorts are the perfect companions with whom to ignore the rest of the world. They have the knack of being able to instinctively know exactly what you  need, and not just behind closed doors. As well as being irresistible, our London escorts are fun and intelligent and also very adventurous so whether it is a day trip or a weekend away they will always be more than willing to be your partner in crime (so to speak)!

Not only will your lungs thank you for a day out in the fresh air, your mind and body will too. As the saying goes – a change is as good as a rest, and believe us, our London escorts won’t accept you resting whilst you are with them but you will feel all the better for your little trip to heaven and back! Call us at Exclusive London models to make your date a reality now. 0208 166 0209