Get off the grid


Causing a stir this week on *ahem* social media,  is the bar in Hove which has installed a Faraday cage in its ceiling. Apologies for dashing your hopes that this cage would hold some erotic dancer or other, its actual purpose is to block mobile signals.  The owner of the bar wants to bring back real face to face communication and is fed up with people going out and spending all their time engrossed in their phones. Of course given that it was discussed on social media, people were not happy. Whether or not this is actually legal remains to be seen and many express their concern and even outright anger at ‘being off grid’ in case of an emergency however at Exclusive London Models we think this is actually a good idea.

Off the grid with our London escorts

It’s nice to be able to focus all your attention in the task in hand – even if it is just simply kicking back and relaxing for an hour or two. There is a huge amount of emphasis placed on being ‘available’ all the time and sometimes this simply allows others to butt in on your own private time without your permission. The fact that with geo positioning systems in almost all phones and also the fact that we tend to be constantly linked to one social platform or another, others always know where we are and what we are doing. It can be helpful if you simply want to get away from it all and have some ‘me’ time. Of course this is especially useful if you are planning to enjoy a high class encounter with our beautiful London escorts. You will not want anything interrupting your time together and probably would rather not announce your plans to the rest of the world. The Gin Club in Hove is certainly the start of things to come and you never know, we might well see the start of being able to choose whether we want to choose communication or non-communication areas in all social places. For a first rate encounter without any interruptions enjoy a private date with our sensational Exclusive London escorts.