Foot Long Eclair

In a week where Asda announced that they would start selling their large 1 foot long chocolate éclair all thoughts have turned to all things sweet. It is the day before we start to open up our Advent calendars which, although not all the time, are filled with chocolate and sweets to liven up our breakfasts and everything, everywhere is laden with chocolate or sugar in some form or another we look at the popular patisserie in Marylebone, Pierre Marcolini.
Any shop which has a person’s name in it is usually deemed as being high class and this beautiful bakery is without exception. Those who travel frequently around Europe and beyond will already be familiar with the name as there are already flagship stores in Brussels, New York, Kuwait and Tokyo plus there is a concession within Selfridges. The Brussels store is a tourist attraction in itself as it is designed just like a jewellery store (and equally as expensive). The Marylebone store, the first stand alone store of its kind in the UK is designed around a similar theme which is quite fitting seeing as some of the chocolate eclairs are actually decorated with real and edible gold leaf flecks!
It is amazing to think that choux pastry can be made into things that are so highly desirable as it is not even as if we are likely to put them on display once purchased! The fillings are out of this world though with different infusions mixed together creating amazing pairings such as lemon curd scented with bergamot, salted caramel and minted custard crème! If you want to give them as a gift them prepare to impress as these stunning haute couture creations do not come cheap but then if you want to impress, you don’t expect them to.
The location of the store is paramount to its success as Marylebone has become synonymous with exclusivity and elite. Indeed, many of our high class and elite London escorts live in this part of the capital and it suits them as it has a lovely village feel yet with all the amenities one would expect inside a busy metropolis. All the major attractions and landmarks are one the doorstep and for those that are not then it is a quick hop on the train or even just a short walk around the corner.
It does not matter too much where our elite London escorts are located though as they all offer an outcall service which means that they are the ones who do the travelling, not our clients. We feel that this offers a better service tour clients who often are only visiting London from other parts of the UK and indeed abroad. There can be nothing worse than having to navigate unfamiliar streets in order to find an obscure address so with our outcall service we feel it is better that our ladies find the locations that their clients are at. For the most part our clients are staying in well known hotels although with the rise in popularity of serviced apartments we are seeing a few more gentlemen choosing these as their preferred choice of London accommodation. These are handy because they offer more in the way of privacy and for those gentlemen who kike to party then this is the ideal solution. No-one wants the prying eyes of a hotel concierge spoiling all the fun!
Whatever type of fun you are into then a single call tour team can ensure you meet with the most suitable beauty for your needs. Why not find out for yourself and give us a call.