Fine Dinning in London

There are many different traditions associated with Christmas and cheese boards are certainly ones which are popular at this time of year. You will have noticed that most of the different supermarkets have started to display their cheesy offerings with luxury crackers and premium chutneys on display to tempt everyone but none have gone so far as one London cheese store which has teamed up with other local elite cheese sellers and decided to devote an entire London street to cheese.

This might seem a little odd but it is entirely true that for two consecutive Sundays La Fromagerie, Raclette Brothers and Cheese Truck will be amongst the well known specialist vendors to sell nothing nut their various cheeses along the whole of chapel market in Islington N1. Why not try their cheese fondue and whole milk vodka to name but two and maybe even include
e their items amongst your Christmas gift list. Cheese angels which are small parcels of goats cheese with fig jam wrapped up in filo pastry are a sure fire winner and even though it might not enough to tempt you to spend the entire day in the area it could be a great place to pop into for lunch.

Another Christmas tradition is the mince pie. In years gone by the mince pie was actually made of minced meat however today you will not find that the pies are savoury but instead they are filled with glorious sweetness and for anyone who is not familiar with the juicy sweet and somewhat spicy filling, they are in for a major treat. Most mince pies are made from dried fruit in a sweet syrupy juice. The raisin and currant filling are mixed with orange zest and nutmeg and encased in a buttery pastry or shortcrust top. There are of course plenty of newer versions currently being made in the trendy types of patisseries and delicatessens but on the whole these sweet treats have remained this way for many years and are a mainstay of Christmas, certainly in the UK.

Some of the best mince pies can be enjoyed in various parts of London so no matter where you are based you are never far away from a gorgeous snack which screams of Christmas. The Holborn dining rooms in central London are a a popular haunt for city workers to visit in their lunch hour. They make their own version of the tasty Christmas treat here using puff pastry instead of the more traditional shortcrust pastry and instead of using sugar to decorate the top they use almonds. Very tasty nevertheless with an almost cake like texture that we could certainly get used to! If you find yourself over in East London then the E5 Bakehouse pride themselves of ensuring that the ratio of mincemeat to pastry is one which lies in favour of the mincemeat. A very good idea too since we hate it when there are big air gaps when you bite in. very disappointing. These mince pies lean more towards the more traditional flavours and are very generous compared to the types you would get in the supermarkets. There are other venues across London who are currently offering their own versions and whilst it is great to try something new it is the link between tradition and various celebrations that make them so special so why try and change something that we have in most cases associated with pleasure and great memories. Our Elite London escorts are all fans of delicious Christmas mince pies so why not pop out together and find the best ones in your local area.