Extended Engagements

Exclusive London Models receive frequent requests for extended periods of companionship. These are often made by clients traveling abroad on business who want the attentions of a beautiful woman without the complications of a personal relationship or who do not wish to ‘fraternise with the natives’.

By the same token, UK businessmen may have protracted periods of meetings when, for instance, representing their company at exhibition centres or when committed to oversee a project far from home. These are ideal opportunities to seek the companionship of one of our UK escorts.

There is no minimum or maximum period of engagement. Clients may request an ELM escort for an hour, an evening, a day, overnight or for many days. Sometimes the mood make take a client and an afternoon garden party may stretch into the evening and the day’s laughter will extend across the bistro table and run deep into the night. All of ours ladies are happy to extent and, unless a prior engagement might compromise another client, will do their utmost to satisfy their companions wishes.