Peckham has not gained a reputation for being one of the most glorious parts of London. Indeed as a generally residential place it is a little off the beaten track for most tourists and visitors and lacks any major landmarks that define it as a place worth visiting. Its main claim to fame was the fact that it was the pretend home of the famous Del boy and Rodney trotter but apart from that there is little to bring many visitors in, that is until now!

Building on its urban and gritty roots, the city has decided not to try and pretend that Peckham is anything other than it is and it has decided to actually use this as a positive and work with it as opposed to working against it and the Peckham Levels has come about. This is actually a multi story car park which has been turned into a multi culture extravaganza featuring music, art, food, drink and entertainment. Visitors are invited to work their way around the seven levels of open studios, sound displays and funky light and art exhibitions whilst enjoying all the different street food and plenty of alcoholic delights on offer.

Levels 5 and 6 are the ones that most people will head to as this is where the DJs, food stalls and drinks venues are located. There will be plenty of cocktails, yummy food of all ethnic diversities and yoga displays by candlelight – none of these yoga forms include Oming (read previous article for that one!)

This is actually quite an inventive and progressive way bring culture to a place that is not known for its artistic beauty and it certainly makes this part of South London very appealing and worth a visit over the weekend. Expect for there to be plenty of people from all areas of the country visiting as this rally is a new concept in bringing entertainment and culture to a busy urban space that would otherwise be somewhere that might attract crime and disorder.

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