Wapping is today known as a trendy and affluent area of the docklands development. Today, media and creative types, together with our beautiful Wapping escorts, live and work in light airy loft style apartments converted from the old warehouses however the warehouses have certainly seen a thing or two during their existence. Wapping was once known as execution dock. For more than 400 years it was the location the admiralty used to execute smugglers, pirates and mutineers much like the tyburn was for non-seafaring people.
The Admiralty had the legal jurisdiction for all crimes committed at sea and the execution dock was created just beyond the low tide mark of the river. This practice was made famous by the Pirates of the Caribbean films as execution dock is featured in a number of the Disney films. Those sentenced to death were paraded across London bridge and past the Tower of London in a horse drawn cart. The procession was led by the High Court Marshal who carried a silver oar to represent the authority of the admiralty. Pirates were punished by hanging with a shortened rope. This meant that they did not immediately die but suffered prolonged strangulation. Indeed they remained like this until 3 high tides had covered their heads before they were cut down, tarred and hung in chains at Blackwall point. Captain Kidd suffered this fate in 1701 and his remains were chained up as a tarred warning to other pirates at the entrance to the Thames for 3 years! These punishments ended in 1830 but execution dock is featured in the house of horrors at Madame Tussauds in London. Many of our Wapping escorts have visited this attraction although their views on what is depicted are somewhat mixed!
The construction of the London docks in the early 19th century had a devastating effect on the area in that poverty and overcrowding was rife. Wapping only saw its fortunes reversed when the Docklands regeneration project redeveloped all the local warehouses and buildings and sold them to wealthy businesses and individuals. Many of our local Docklands escorts live in Wapping although as we are an outcall escort service our Wapping escorts are always happy to visit clients in any of their homes or hotels.
If you are only visiting the area then a few drinks at the Prospect of Whitby is a must. The public house claims to be the oldest riverside tavern in London on the premise that a tavern has existed here since 1520. If you are enjoying a date with one of our Wapping escorts then a stop for a few drinks along the riverside is a wonderful way to spend a few hours. It is likely though that you would prefer to spend your time with our escorts Wapping in a more private and intimate setting and if this is the case then there are plenty of hotels along the river front with great views for you to ignore! When you are with our beautiful Wapping escorts, you wont be paying too much attention to the local landscape, as beautiful and historic as it is!
Wapping has always been associated with things that are perhaps not considered to be in the interests of the upper echelons of society but with the huge investment that has been made recently and the fact that so many riverside luxury apartments have been popping up almost on a weekly basis, this is an area in which the cream of society like to be. This is why it is so well placed for our elite London escorts so why not give us a call today to make your date with our Elite London model escorts.