Downsides of 24 hour tube

The new 24/7 all night London tube is starting this Friday amid a hail of celebrations however whilst it does at last bring London into the 21st century and is something that should have been done a long time ago, it does have its drawbacks.  Of course, given that London is an all night economy it makes sense that workers and party animals should be able to get home in the same way that they arrived. However if you live in the city it could cause a few issues people haven’t yet considered. If you live in a location at the end of a tube line, you will have been enjoying a cheaper rent and cost of living. Let’s face it, that’s why you chose to live there right? Well, as these places become better connected to the centre of the action that could all change – starting with your rent.

Many London estate agents were asked their opinion as to the effects of the night tube and most replied that they expected to see rent and property rises in area that have previously been unaffected by London rates. Of course these are the people most likely to benefit from this so they are bound to be enthused at their new cash cow. The upside though is in the fact that you probably won’t be affected to much since the money you waste on late night uber taxis will simply go towards your higher rent but the downside is the type of people likely to be using the tubes at 4am after an all-nighter.

At Exclusive London models escorts  our ladies are happy to visit clients in the outer reaches of the city. Outcalls are available in all areas of London and whilst our stunners are highly unlikely to ever use the 24 hour tube service, your enjoyment of your nocturnal pleasures will not change. Should you enjoy an incall encounter and you prefer to use the tube to get home yourself then things just got easier and if you are club hopping at the weekend, then you don’t at least have to miss out on the fun waiting for a taxi to arrive!