Delizias delight

When the team at Exclusive London Models asked me to think about an encounter that I particularly enjoyed for a series they were writing for the website, I was at first a bit stumped. I get to enjoy so many different encounters with all sorts of people that it can be difficult to find those which really stand out for people to hear about. All of my encounters are pleasurable and enjoyable, but I was trying to think of the ones which could be exciting for others to read and perhaps even imagine that it was them enjoying the encounter with me. I have decided upon one which I think readers might enjoy that was a little out of the ordinary but for our own very special encounter, you will just have to give me a call and make that date with me yourself!
It was a Wednesday afternoon and I was enjoying a laid back day wandering around the shops in Bond Street. I loved all the designer brands and I had been keeping my eye on a particularly cute Chanel bag I had seen the week before. I was standing outside the shop weighing up the pros and cons when my phone rang. It was the agency asking me if I wanted to accept an appointment for later on that afternoon. My date was to be a lady from Scotland in London on business and she had particularly requested me. I was intrigued. It was not often any of us received calls from ladies and I smiled to myself as I knew it was an appointment I would definitely enjoy.
I agreed to the date and scribbled the details of the address in my notebook. The agency receptionist told me that the lady had some particular requirements and I jotted these down too, smiling to myself as I did so. I was excited by this information and all thoughts of my Chanel bag went out of my head as I spun round to catch the tube back to my place in Kensington so that I could prepare.
At six forty five that evening I was ready and waiting for my cab to arrive. My date was staying in a hotel not too far from me so it would only take a few minutes to get there especially without the London traffic. I peeped out of my window and saw the black cab pull up. I grabbed my bag and headed out the door. As expected the traffic was fairly light and within just a few short minutes I was exiting the cab at the doors of the hotel. I made my way up to the lady’s hotel suite and knocked on the door.
A tall and fairly austere woman answered and looked me up and down sternly. ‘Hi, I’m Delizia, the agency sent me’ I introduced, falling into my role immediately. The woman stepped back and ushered me into the room. She closed the door and leant against it studying me. ‘Well, I hope you can take dictation better than the last temp, although I suppose you are more pleasing to look at’ and with that she strode across the room to a large desk and sat behind it. ‘Come, sit’ she ordered, indicating a chair opposite. ‘there’s a notepad and pencil there. Let’s get to work’. I made my way over to the chair and set my bag beside me on the floor. I picked up the notepad with the pencil poised, ready to begin.
I had never actually learnt how to do shorthand but I made a pretence of taking notes as she dictated. About 5 minutes into her dictation she paused and looked up at me. ‘Take your jacket off, you must be warm’. Now this was more like it, I thought and obediently slid my jacket off and draped around the back of the chair. She continued with the dictation but stood up to move around her desk as she was speaking. A few sentences and a few steps later she was standing behind my chair, speaking over my shoulder. She placed her hands on each shoulder and began to knead my muscles. I arched my neck in response and her hands slid down to cup my breasts. She teased my nipples with each thumb and they responded by springing into life and straining against the thin material of my lacy bra and sheer blouse. ‘Mmm, you like that then, don’t you?’ it was more of a statement than a question though as she didn’t wait for an answer and began to unbutton the little pearl buttons of my flimsy blouse. With my blouse gaping open my bra was exposed. Her attentions returned to my pert breasts and she slid the lacy cups of my bra to each side so that my breasts were revealed over the top of the bra in all their glory. ‘That’s much better’ she said and she removed her hands and walked back around to her chair opposite me and sat down. She dictated in this manner for a further ten minutes and all the while I was sitting there with my blouse gaping open and my bare breasts jutting out from the confines of my bra.
I have to admit I was feeling very horny like this, my nipples were erect and the cool air from the air conditioning made them tingle so when she ordered me to come around to her side of the desk and she pulled me down to sit on her lap I can tell you that the thrill of anticipation shot through me and I obeyed eagerly. As I sat on her lap holding my notebook still, she leant forward and took one of my nipples between her perfect teeth. She gently rolled it around and licked the tip with her hot tongue. I dropped my head back and moaned quietly whilst holding her head with my free hand. She opened her mouth wider to take my whole breast in her mouth, cupping underneath with her hand and alternately squeezing and massaging its fullness. She sucked and nibbled on one breast whilst kneading and squeezing the other. I wondered if the previous girl really was a temp or whether it was all part of the fantasy roleplay my female date had invented.
My date was now all fired up and she slid her hand up my skirt between my legs. She felt the smooth silk of my stockings on my thighs and the soft flesh of my inner thighs where my stockings stopped and soft bare skin started. Her fingers gently probed their way into my panties and found the hot wetness within. Now it was her turn to let out a soft groan as she rubbed two fingers back and forth over my slippery clit. I wiggled a little so that I could part my legs and allow her fingers to probe deeper which they did. I gasped in pleasure and she let out a muffled laugh, her face was still buried in my breasts. I was loving every moment and she knew it. With a parting kiss on my nipple she removed her hand from my pussy and held my hips to manoeuvre me to a sitting position on top of her desk. She pushed up my skirt until lit bunched up at my waist revealing my stockings and now wet panties. In a surprising move she took her desk scissors and cut each side of my underwear so that she could pull them away and expose my wet and throbbing pussy. She looked up at me and our gaze met briefly. With one look I knew what she wanted and I was more than happy for her to take it. She bent over and flicked her tongue between the soft lips and I gasped in delight. I leant back onto my elbows and opened my legs wide. I wanted her urgently and I could see she felt the same. I felt her hot breath on my pussy and my clit throbbed at her nearness. She gently held my nub between her lips, toying with me as I squirmed, she sucked and applied more pressure and I could feel the white hot ball of passion build inside my belly.
She slid two of her fingers deep inside and I knew I no longer had control of myself. I strained my hips up automatically in response as I wanted more, I rhythmically jerked my pelvis up and down so I could feel her pounding inside me but she didn’t want me having any control. She slid both fingers out and brought them up to my parted lips. She slid them over my bottom lip and I tasted my own sweetness. I grasped her hand as I continued to lick and suck her sticky fingers feverishly and she pulled on my long dark hair so that my head dropped back and she could devour my neck in her kisses.
I was so caught up in the pleasure of the moment I didn’t realise at first that she had produced a little silver tongue vibe. She licked her way down my neck and circled around each nipple with the little vibrator intensifying my pleasure. I couldn’t hold back any more, ‘suck my clit, please’ I begged and she happily obliged. The tongue vibrator was amazing, I had never had one used before and within seconds I was panting and gasping my way through my first orgasm. But she didn’t stop there. She plunged two fingers deep inside me and found my Gspot which she massaged whilst holding the little vibe on my clit. I began to shudder as the waves of pleasure washed over me. I came so hard I could hardly breathe, and my juices tricked down my thigh as confirmation that I could take no more. I jerked and spasmed in response to even the tiniest of touch and was almost crying as my body became a living puppet to her pulsating tongue. When she decided I had enough she stepped back and smiled at me. I collapsed flat onto the desk my thighs wet and gleaming and my clit red and swollen.
It took a few minutes for me to get my breath back and during that time my date adjusted her clothes and disappeared off to the bathroom without a single word. Whilst she was gone I took the hint to dress myself although I was still quite shaky. Upon her return she handed me an envelope and said simply ‘That will be all, you may leave’ and with that she sat at her desk, with the paperwork strewn around and began to read some notes. I was a little surprised, but I followed her lead and collected my things. I left with a big smile but without a backwards glance.