Festive Feelings in London

As it is the start of December there really is no way now of holding off Christmas. In the last few weeks as the different towns and London streets have been launching their festive offerings and even in the last few days when everywhere is celebrating their Christmas lights switch on, we could still evade the fact that Christmas was drawing near because it was still November however, the time has arrived, and we are into December so no matter how far you run or how much you hide, there is simply no more escape. You had better just get on with it and go with the flow and allow yourself to be swaddled in everything festive as that is all that you will be hearing for the next few weeks.
Winter wonderland is the biggest Christmas themed venue in London and indeed in many places in Europe. It is now in its 10th year and has so far attracted and delighted over 14 million visitors. There are numerous Christmas themed shows and events with lots of different fair ground rides (over 100) as well as circus themed shows, ice shows and plenty of choice when it comes to eating and drinking. Entry to the event is free although many of the shows and experiences are ticketed so don’t think that you will be able to enjoy everything for free.
The event is held in Hyde Park which is a good job as it is about the biggest space available in London. The event is bopen every day with the exception of Christmas day and access is best at Marble Arch. Be prepared for crowds. Noise and fun like you would not believe so if you prefer those cosy winter evenings with just you and a sensational companion, then this is perhaps not the best place to go.
The event in 2017 is the biggest yet with even more attractions added including the Magical Ice Kingdom deep sea adventure which features ice and snow sculptures, an alpine village with karaoke huts and even the Cinderella show on ice. Zippos Christmas circus and the sooty Christmas show are making a return appearance and the observation wheel is the best place to take a turn and see everything from a birds eye point of view. The Bavarian drinking huts are always a firm favourite and the amount of street food of all types and flavours is simply breath taking. Best to go with an empty stomach just so that you can sample everything on offer.
Our elite London escorts take this viewpoint on board themselves as they like for their companions to sample everything that is on offer too. One might naturally think that because they are so sensational looking that they lack an imagination or vibrant personality however once you meet our stunning beauties you will see that they are all very down to earth and eager to have fun. Our high-class London escorts are very outgoing and have a naughty sense of adventure. This means that almost all types of pleasure is encouraged with every one of our stunners although there are some more specialised pleasures that only certain elite London escorts have a passion for. We have an A+ team of escorts who are all very open minded and enjoy the more taboo pleasures and we also have those escorts who enjoy the more fetish and fantasy side of fun. If you want to explore the deepest and darkest desires that you have never fully enjoyed before then our high class escorts are the girls to see, our ladies have lots of experience and are happy to introduce new ways to reach the pinnacle of pleasure so why not give us a call and make that date now!

Foot Long Eclair

In a week where Asda announced that they would start selling their large 1 foot long chocolate éclair all thoughts have turned to all things sweet. It is the day before we start to open up our Advent calendars which, although not all the time, are filled with chocolate and sweets to liven up our breakfasts and everything, everywhere is laden with chocolate or sugar in some form or another we look at the popular patisserie in Marylebone, Pierre Marcolini.
Any shop which has a person’s name in it is usually deemed as being high class and this beautiful bakery is without exception. Those who travel frequently around Europe and beyond will already be familiar with the name as there are already flagship stores in Brussels, New York, Kuwait and Tokyo plus there is a concession within Selfridges. The Brussels store is a tourist attraction in itself as it is designed just like a jewellery store (and equally as expensive). The Marylebone store, the first stand alone store of its kind in the UK is designed around a similar theme which is quite fitting seeing as some of the chocolate eclairs are actually decorated with real and edible gold leaf flecks!
It is amazing to think that choux pastry can be made into things that are so highly desirable as it is not even as if we are likely to put them on display once purchased! The fillings are out of this world though with different infusions mixed together creating amazing pairings such as lemon curd scented with bergamot, salted caramel and minted custard crème! If you want to give them as a gift them prepare to impress as these stunning haute couture creations do not come cheap but then if you want to impress, you don’t expect them to.
The location of the store is paramount to its success as Marylebone has become synonymous with exclusivity and elite. Indeed, many of our high class and elite London escorts live in this part of the capital and it suits them as it has a lovely village feel yet with all the amenities one would expect inside a busy metropolis. All the major attractions and landmarks are one the doorstep and for those that are not then it is a quick hop on the train or even just a short walk around the corner.
It does not matter too much where our elite London escorts are located though as they all offer an outcall service which means that they are the ones who do the travelling, not our clients. We feel that this offers a better service tour clients who often are only visiting London from other parts of the UK and indeed abroad. There can be nothing worse than having to navigate unfamiliar streets in order to find an obscure address so with our outcall service we feel it is better that our ladies find the locations that their clients are at. For the most part our clients are staying in well known hotels although with the rise in popularity of serviced apartments we are seeing a few more gentlemen choosing these as their preferred choice of London accommodation. These are handy because they offer more in the way of privacy and for those gentlemen who kike to party then this is the ideal solution. No-one wants the prying eyes of a hotel concierge spoiling all the fun!
Whatever type of fun you are into then a single call tour team can ensure you meet with the most suitable beauty for your needs. Why not find out for yourself and give us a call.

Westfield Shopping Center

Westfield shopping centre in Shepherds bush is the place to be this winter as the well-known chocolate makers Ferrero Rocher have announced that they are bringing back their pop-up for a second year! Whilst most of us are imagining that this will happen in some grand house somewhere which resembles an embassy, this is in fact not the case. Sadly.
The company, who have always had something of a flourish to their marketing and promotions bill this pop-up as a ‘multi-sensory journey which takes you behind the layers for an altogether new kind of chocolate experience’ now, we love a bit of marketing, but we think that this might be a step too far for the imagination given that it is a single chocolate which can be scoffed in a single mouthful. There simply isn’t enough time to enjoy a multi-sensory journey. One munch and its gone!
The Forrero Rocher team have not been put off though as they are really going to town. They are offering tickets (don’t get too excited as they will actually cost you £25 for the privilege!) to sit in a room and experience a basically mini tasting session through 5 different courses. Each course is inspired by a different part of the chocolate and you are surrounded by light and sound concepts to match each one in order to enhance every mouthful. They also chuck in a glass of prosecco to help ease the sting of the cost. Call us old fashioned but we think this is concept too far when you are selling somewhat overpriced chocolates in the first place. Yes, of course they are nice but £25 for a tasting session? We would have to have an actual Ambassador fed them to us for that. And chew them first too.
If you love chocolate, there are other alternatives that are a little more down to earth. Choccywoccydoodah has to be the leading name in chocolate creations and in Soho you cent go past without at least taking a peek at their fantasy displays in the window. This shop actually has a café attached which means that you can sample their delights in better surroundings and for a much more realistic price than the pop-up in a shopping centre. Their creations are a little weirder too. Here you can buy a life-sized chocolate skull, which is actually 3kg of solid chocolate for £65 but most treats are just a couple of pounds without the headache of ‘soothing music’ and light displays.
It is a fairly safe bet to say that all of our beautiful elite London escorts love chocolate. They just don’t eat too much of it at a time so perhaps not best to gift one of the chocolate skulls as it would take them until Easter to eat it all! Certainly, a wonderful meeting point would be a café where you can sample some gorgeously rich hot chocolate and perhaps a little treat or two whilst you discuss the things that you like and then perhaps you can then go off and satisfy other desires that are equally as addictive as chocolate. Our stunning elite escorts in London have often been called addictive as they have a certain flair and set of skills that will have you needing to comeback for more after every date.
Our London escorts are available for dates in Soho, which is incidentally a very swish area of London now, but as well as the more central areas, our London escorts are also happy to visit clients who are staying or living in the outer areas of the Capital. Just give us a call and we can make the arrangements.

Festive Feelings

If you are not feeling festive enough yet, especially since we have been lucky enough to have enjoyed(? Or not) a light dusting of snow on the ground, then there are a few suggestions to make you feel all Christmassy in the Capital. Of course for all these Christmas related events our London escorts are ready willing and able to party to your hearts content so al you have to do is find the right venue and our girls will take care of everything else!
In London at the moment there are more than enough dazzling light displays in all parts of the city to ensure that no-one feels the cold. You simply have to look up to feel the heat of the millions of fairly lights that are adorning our fair city. Indeed it is a wonder that all the various ice rinks which are popping up in every square are not melting with the heat given the brightness of the light. We have actually been forced to wander around the city at night with our sunglasses at the ready the lights are that bright! But, if those things do not appeal to you then there are plenty of other things available that you can enjoy.
The Brixton beach has now gone and made way for the South Pole Saloon. The Brixton rooftop has been given a wintry make over in the style of a western saloon bar, not quite sure what this has to do with Christmas but they have done it very well! You can enjoy a few festive drinks in the fairy lit woodland lodges where they will also be putting on entertainment in the style of burlesque style saloon shows and interactive theatre – which is set to be a big thing in entertainment next year! There are various festive food choices available including a limited time of cheese feast so get on over there for some saloon style fun.
If you have yet to sit in an igloo then you can do so in Fulham. They have plenty of waterside festive igloos for you to enjoy private dining and Christmas private parties. Its all being enjoyed over at Wandsworth Bridge road in a place aptly named neverland but of course the big draw has to be a visit to wonderland in Hyde park.
All of these things which are going on over the festive season are perfect for clients to enjoy a night or day out with our beautiful elite London escorts. Our stunners are available for outcalls in all areas of London so no matter where you are located, even if that location does not appear on our website, our outcall escorts will always be more than happy to visit. If you want to make a night of it then we recommend that you book an overnight encounter. That way you can relax in the knowledge that your chosen companion will be with you for the entire night and even the morning after so you can enjoy your leisure time to its fullest extent. With all the different things that are going on in all locations in London there is so much to do you might have to choose wisely and it is the same for our stunning elite London escorts.
Our portfolio of beauties is so extensive that you will probably be unable to choose between them so the only thing to do is speak to one of our team who can advise on the London escort who is most suitable for your needs or failing that, you can simply make a date with all the girls you like and extend the fun long after the New Year has started!

As far as festive traditions go, the Christmas Pantomime has to be up there at the top. Most British people have grown up with this festive treat where they are taken to a local theatre and a story is played out by a local theatre group with song and dance. Children grow up and then take their own children along in a tradition which spans generations and even for those who did not go every year with their family it is still something that most schools provide as a festive school trip every year. Love them or loathe them they are here to stay and to those who have not grown up in the country they can seem a little odd. Our own Elite escorts who are from various parts of the world often find themselves a little confused in trying to understand the concept where men take on the comedy female roles and women play the leading man but then, we are British and all a little odd at times.

The Christmas panto as it is known is mostly associated with family fun and entertainment for children however there has been a growing trendin recent years to tailor the tradition to a more adult audience. Local burlesque groups and drag shows have taken the traditional performance and re-written the scripts to work with an adult and ruder feel and these are proving more popular than ever before.

One such company, ‘sink the pink’ drag act is performing at the elite Selfridge’s store which goes to show just how far they have come in terms of mainstream acceptance. This strictly ‘adults only’ pantomime entitled ‘The Queen’s Head’ is a take on the classic East End pub acted out in panto style with pints pianos and soap opera style theatrics and a great deal of adult humour thrown in. The setting within the store is close to the premium spirits area on the lower ground floor, quite apt in fact and the setting is that of a typical old East End ‘boozer’. The audience does not sit in traditional theatre style seats but instead they sit around pub tables adorned with traditional beer mats to give that totally authentic pub feel. In a performance that is as camp as Christmas the story is set around the fact that the pub is to feature on a local news network for their Christmas lights switch on. With such larger than life characters mayhem ensues with laughs all round, although this is certainly not one for the children.

This is, in fact, the ideal date to enjoy with any of our elite London escorts as it would introduce them to the Panto tradition in a more adult setting and the adult humour is something that would certainly not offend them in any way, although you may need to explain some of the jokes with our elite London escorts who are not from these local areas. Comedy drinking and dining is a new concept that is appealing to many. There have started to be new shows popping up all over the country which feature comedy set in a more dynamic and interactive setting. There is lots of improvisation which certainly makes for a truly unique evening so if Pantomime is not your bag then why not try a comedy dining night out with the characters from Only Fools and Horses where you get to enjoy a Gala dinner as a guest of Marlene and Boycie although as you might gather, things do not always go well with Del Boy, Rodney and the rest of the crew also in attendance. These various comedy dining evenings take place all over the country and there are always plenty in London to enjoy so why not give us a call and we can arrange your night with one of our lovely ladies to enjoy something a little less traditional.

Fine Dinning in London

There are many different traditions associated with Christmas and cheese boards are certainly ones which are popular at this time of year. You will have noticed that most of the different supermarkets have started to display their cheesy offerings with luxury crackers and premium chutneys on display to tempt everyone but none have gone so far as one London cheese store which has teamed up with other local elite cheese sellers and decided to devote an entire London street to cheese.

This might seem a little odd but it is entirely true that for two consecutive Sundays La Fromagerie, Raclette Brothers and Cheese Truck will be amongst the well known specialist vendors to sell nothing nut their various cheeses along the whole of chapel market in Islington N1. Why not try their cheese fondue and whole milk vodka to name but two and maybe even include
e their items amongst your Christmas gift list. Cheese angels which are small parcels of goats cheese with fig jam wrapped up in filo pastry are a sure fire winner and even though it might not enough to tempt you to spend the entire day in the area it could be a great place to pop into for lunch.

Another Christmas tradition is the mince pie. In years gone by the mince pie was actually made of minced meat however today you will not find that the pies are savoury but instead they are filled with glorious sweetness and for anyone who is not familiar with the juicy sweet and somewhat spicy filling, they are in for a major treat. Most mince pies are made from dried fruit in a sweet syrupy juice. The raisin and currant filling are mixed with orange zest and nutmeg and encased in a buttery pastry or shortcrust top. There are of course plenty of newer versions currently being made in the trendy types of patisseries and delicatessens but on the whole these sweet treats have remained this way for many years and are a mainstay of Christmas, certainly in the UK.

Some of the best mince pies can be enjoyed in various parts of London so no matter where you are based you are never far away from a gorgeous snack which screams of Christmas. The Holborn dining rooms in central London are a a popular haunt for city workers to visit in their lunch hour. They make their own version of the tasty Christmas treat here using puff pastry instead of the more traditional shortcrust pastry and instead of using sugar to decorate the top they use almonds. Very tasty nevertheless with an almost cake like texture that we could certainly get used to! If you find yourself over in East London then the E5 Bakehouse pride themselves of ensuring that the ratio of mincemeat to pastry is one which lies in favour of the mincemeat. A very good idea too since we hate it when there are big air gaps when you bite in. very disappointing. These mince pies lean more towards the more traditional flavours and are very generous compared to the types you would get in the supermarkets. There are other venues across London who are currently offering their own versions and whilst it is great to try something new it is the link between tradition and various celebrations that make them so special so why try and change something that we have in most cases associated with pleasure and great memories. Our Elite London escorts are all fans of delicious Christmas mince pies so why not pop out together and find the best ones in your local area.

Historical London

London is a city which attracts hundreds of millions of visitors and tourists every year. It is well known that the cityt is full of history, landmarks and attractions, many of which are known the world over however there is a great deal of history that is not assdsociated with various kings or queens although it has played a part of equal, if not greater importance in the social shaping of our country as we know it today.

These historical facts are not only interesting but they are so important to various elements of the way in which we live our lives today so it is difficult to believe that so few people know about them. Historical facts and interesting pieces of information which have been lost from the common knowledge and yet have formed the basis of modern living are included in the less well tours of London. These are tours that people tend not to do as much as others and certainly they seem to have become more popular with International tourists than UK people whose lives are more than likely to have been affected by them. If you are visiting London on business or coming into the Capital from other parts of the UK then it would be worthwhile to find out which rides and tours in London to enjoy just so that you can find out the roots of certain traditions and habits and indeed why places gained their names and even the history behind well known nursery rhymes.

As well as all the regular tours that take place in London every day, the ones with the open top red buses and those which walk you around iconic London buildings there are companies who specialise in more quirky tours that give you a different perspective on this amazing city and parts of history that have otherwise been forgotten by the mainstream. The Jack the Ripper walking tour may seem a bit grsly but this walking tour around the streets in which he once prowled will take you around parts of London that are off the beaten track. The Sherlock Holmes tour is much the same although slightly less grisly and will take you around the London locations in which the fictional character was said to visit as part of his detective work and indeed his private life. Not to forget though that Sherlock Holmes was a fictitious character and Jack the Ripper most definitely was not!

The amazing Wembley Stadium tour is the most unforgettable one for any sporting fan. This tour will take you on a tour where you will walk in the footsteps of legends as you see the England teams changing rooms, stand in the Royal Box with the FA cup and even take a walk in the players tunnel. All hallowed ground for the avid sports fan and certainly something which features on many of the gift experiences that people could be getting this year for Christmas.

If you are planning to visit London and want to take yourself off the beaten track so to speak then you would do well to do some research to find some of the most interesting tours which will give you an insight into a side of London that is less well known. Of course at Exclusive London Models elite escort agency we know of other ways in which you can discover new parts of the city which do not feature on the most trodden tourist maps but of course you will ned to make a date with our stunning model escorts in order to do so.

Peckham has not gained a reputation for being one of the most glorious parts of London. Indeed as a generally residential place it is a little off the beaten track for most tourists and visitors and lacks any major landmarks that define it as a place worth visiting. Its main claim to fame was the fact that it was the pretend home of the famous Del boy and Rodney trotter but apart from that there is little to bring many visitors in, that is until now!

Building on its urban and gritty roots, the city has decided not to try and pretend that Peckham is anything other than it is and it has decided to actually use this as a positive and work with it as opposed to working against it and the Peckham Levels has come about. This is actually a multi story car park which has been turned into a multi culture extravaganza featuring music, art, food, drink and entertainment. Visitors are invited to work their way around the seven levels of open studios, sound displays and funky light and art exhibitions whilst enjoying all the different street food and plenty of alcoholic delights on offer.

Levels 5 and 6 are the ones that most people will head to as this is where the DJs, food stalls and drinks venues are located. There will be plenty of cocktails, yummy food of all ethnic diversities and yoga displays by candlelight – none of these yoga forms include Oming (read previous article for that one!)

This is actually quite an inventive and progressive way bring culture to a place that is not known for its artistic beauty and it certainly makes this part of South London very appealing and worth a visit over the weekend. Expect for there to be plenty of people from all areas of the country visiting as this rally is a new concept in bringing entertainment and culture to a busy urban space that would otherwise be somewhere that might attract crime and disorder.

If you are planning a night out in South London and would like to have the company of any of our beautiful and elite London escorts then our London escort agency is the best place to find someone who will be suited to your needs. No matter what kind of date you are planning we are likely to have the most extensive choice of elite and high class beauties for you to choose from.

At Elite London Models escort agency we have scores of stunning model escorts who are originally from all parts of Europe and beyond. Indeed we have many local escorts who are based in various parts of South London and so they know of the Peckham levels and everything they offer however you dont have to choose a local beauty but can extend the choice to all of our stunners. Our outcall service means that our customers do not need to book an escort who is based locally as all our elite escorts in London are happy to travel throughout the city in order to spend time with their clients. Our clients are not limited to choosing from only a certain number of local escorts so this means that the way in which we work gives our clients a much greater choice of companions. Why not take a look through our portfolio and choose which of our stunners is just right for you and we can arrange for them to enjoy a date in Peckham with you if that is where you want to go.

London Relaxation

Orgasmic meditation is the newest kid on the block which comes under ‘mindfulness’. If you have done yoga and you have failed miserably at meditation then the thing you should be doing, according to one company in New York, is Orgasmic meditation. Oming is where a total stranger spends 15 minutes massaging the woman’s vagina and clit in a bid to bring about an orgasmic experience. Apparently this is different to climaxing, which is not the aim, but the orgasmic experience is supposed to release a sense of calm and relaxation that cannot be achieved with regular meditation and yoga. No $*!£ sherlock!

Apparently there is no male equivalent yet but we can see an opportunity, however we are wondering as to the legalities of this practice because surely, if this is something which is deemed as part of the ‘wellness’ family then we might want to rebrand!

There are all sorts of different things that the millennial generation are seeing as simply part of their culture of self discovery. Broader minds and a more bohemian society is something that is growing at a very fast pace. We already see it ourselves with our Elite London escort agency in that there are more and more women in their twenties who are seeking encounters with our escorts as well as our usual male customers. Couples too are starting to look for new and more exotic ways to find fulfilment and excitement within their relationships an that is why our duo encounters are becoming so popular.

Our Elite London escorts are always up for new ways to add that naughty element to an encounter. They like to join in with the fun a couple has in private although all our elite London escorts respect the fact that the couple can have some initial boundaries as to how they all have fun together. Part of the role of our high class London escorts is to find out exactly what the couple are trying to achieve within the encounter. It might be that the woman wants to experience a sensual and erotic tryst with another woman whilst her partner remains part of the menage a trois. It could be that this is the way that the couple are seeking outside input into their intimate relationship in a more controlled environment which has rules and boundaries that neither party will cross. However the couple see it or however the individual female clients see it, this is all a part of the gradual changes that are taking place within our society. Orgasmic meditation is simply another way of achieving sensual fulfilment with social acceptance and, quite frankly, with a price tag of over £500 for 3 single 10 minute sessions we can think of far cheaper way to achieve the same thing, if not much better!

With our elite London escorts you can enjoy a tryst which lasts anything from a single hour to an entire weekend or even longer. Whilst our beauties are not considered to be amongst the cheapest in the city they are certainly the best and far cheaper than the equivalent amount of time spent achieving Orgasmic meditation! Why not call our London escort agency and find out about all the different services that our elite London escorts offer including sensual companionship for both men and women and for relaxing encounters that may just help you reach a level of fulfilment otherwise never achieved before. Watch out London, we are going into the ‘wellness’ business!

Finding the Perfect Partner

Monogamy has been the preferred form of relationship since the beginning of recorded time. In all cultures and religious sects, monogamy is the preferred form of relationship although polyamory has its place in some of the ancient cultures. That being said there is a gradual yet seismic shift towards ‘monogamish’ and this is starting to gain traction amongst the younger millennial generation.

Monogamy of course means being in a sexual or emotional relationship with just one person. Now of course there are a couple of caveats to this in that we can consider ourselves to be monogamous even if we divorce and then remarry or simply don’t marry at all but remain in a steady relationship or form an emotional attachment with a single person. The old stories of getting physical with another doesn’t count ‘because my other half and I are not married’ does not really give justification as the absence of a wedding ring is neither here nor there, however the focus of this piece is about the changing perception of relationships and whether society as a whole are gradually moving towards a more polyamorous type of relationship and moving away from over 2000 years of society practices.

In the modern world we place a great deal of importance on monogamy which, given that we are red blooded creatures, it a pretty difficult standard to expect. The whole point of monogamy was reinforced by religious groups as they felt it was a stable way to raise a family and keep the species going however today we live a very different type of lifestyle that that of our ancestors and the need to keep the species going is no longer an issue. The question that is starting to be considered is the fact that our lifestyles are so different to that of our ancestors, should our perceptions of accepted relationships not be changed too.

There are more and more open relations becoming common place today as we see both men and women not expect themselves and their partners to remain with a single sexual partner throughout their entire lives. Our lifespan is much longer than our ancestors so we have a great deal longer to enjoy different experiences at a different rate to that of society in the past. Indeed we are taking longer to ‘grow up’ simply because there is not the need to become so responsible so quick, as is the case of children who remain with their families and parents for much longer than they did just a few decades ago.

Society too also accepts different forms of partnerships that would never have been allowed in previous generations. Gay marriage and partnership with out marriage at all. All these would never have been contemplated in the past so why not Monogamish. This is where a committed partnership allow each other the odd physical indiscretion. They way this would work is when the couple are not on the same sexual cycle as each other. As we know there are times when one partner is active and the other is not so the odd encounter with someone else without any emotional connection would be acceptable and not considered cheating. The real problem with cheating as we know is the lies and secrets, if monogomish was accepted then this could be the answer to a great many problems in society! The fact that the physical act of sex has been so ingrained into our culture as an emotional state is where the problem lies. If the sexual act was seen for what it actually is, a physical release of endorphins and hormones and the link to emotional feelings were removed, then the acceptance of monogamish would be easier in general society. If one partner loses their job it doesn’t spell the end of a relationship and it has a far greater impact on continuing life as a couple so perhaps something for future generations to consider!