Passion for History?

In 1990, an archeological team discovered the remains of the Egyptian cities of Canopus and Thonis-Heracleion. The lost cities were discovered beneath the Mediterranean, a few miles off the coast. For the first time, these endearing pieces of history are being presented in the UK at the British Museum in Bloomsbury. Running until the 26th November, there is no excuse to miss out on the Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost World exhibition. The exhibition also tells the story of how the famous river Nile was a major trading hub between Egypt and it’s Greek (then Roman) neighbours across the sea. While some of the museums pieces have been loaned from Egyptian museums, each object tells a fascinating story of Egypt’s history. Although the submerged items are deemed the most interesting, each part of the exhibition will keep you hooked!

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Theatre dates with our Chelsea escorts

For those with a love of the theatre, London has an enormous amount to offer! With a selection of highly rated and extremely popular shows taking place across various London locations, there is something to suit everyone. Ranging from Phantom, to Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the Bodyguard, the unmissable shows will give you a night to remember! Also surrounding London’s well-established and historic theatres, is an array of exclusive restaurants, bars and nightclubs that will keep you entertained through until dawn! With an opportunity to visit the theatre throughout the week or at the weekend, your evenings are guaranteed to be both enjoyable and memorable. However, if you would like to continue the relaxed evening back at your own apartment, there are plenty of tube stations situated close by so travel is never a problem.

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Get out of Dodge!

A bank holiday is the perfect excuse to pack your bags and head out of the city for a couple of days. Let’s face it, the only reason you know it is sunny is because they told you in your newsfeed. You haven’t actually seen the sky in real life since April – wasn’t that the last bank holiday? You can no longer fool yourself that paying over £5 for a soft drink on a crowded roof terrace in the city is relaxing so get on a train and feel the tension leave you every minute you are further away from Kings cross.

If you feel a sense of panic arise upon leaving the city, we have plenty of companions who can accompany you and help you through the transition from city to countryside. Our elite London escorts love everything about of capital however they also appreciate the need to down tools once in a while and totally cut yourself off from the norm. Turn your emails off and only use your phone to update your social feed or better still, leave your phone at home and simply store the pictures of the day on that thing inside your head and, let’s say, call them memories! Radical we know.

Our elite London escorts are the perfect companions with whom to ignore the rest of the world. They have the knack of being able to instinctively know exactly what you  need, and not just behind closed doors. As well as being irresistible, our London escorts are fun and intelligent and also very adventurous so whether it is a day trip or a weekend away they will always be more than willing to be your partner in crime (so to speak)!

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Oysters off the menu

Dinner dates with our elite London escorts are very popular. We have a high number of clients who book these types of dates with our model escorts every week. Since there are so many award winning restaurants in all areas of London the choice is extensive, as is the same with our gallery of gorgeous girls. We all know that there are certain foods that are considered as aphrodisiacs. They are the ones which increase the sex hormones and raise the libido to record levels. Seafood is a strong contributor in this area with oysters coming top in the seduction stakes. They are high in zinc and their amino acids trigger the production of hormones which may lead to heightening sensual pleasure receptors in the body. This could all be coming to an end though since recent research has shown that with sea levels warming in general, the release of more bacteria in the waters mean that your favourite shellfish could soon be poisonous. So that’s oysters off the menu for foreplay then!

For those who enjoy a sensual and erotic dates with our model escorts in London this is not the end of the world. Our elite London escorts have wonderful imaginations and a great sense of creativity and the lack of oysters in not likely to impinge in any way on your pleasure together. Since there are so many other foods that are considered to have aphrodisiac properties the sky is the limit if you have a little imagination. Bananas, Avocado, Chocolate and honey have all been considered to be able to lift the erotic mood so all is not lost. Of course our high class London escorts do not need any outside stimulation to get you in the mood for fun. Their sense of adventure and their skills and talents mean that they are fully equipped to ensure you both have the very best time together. Call Exclusive London models to find out for yourself when you make a date with our high class London escorts. 0208 166 0209

Rio fun in London

All the action, at home

How exciting would it be to be going to Rio to actually see the games in person! The carnival atmosphere, the music, the dancing and the sense of anticipation and of course the sizzling hot weather and beautiful Brazilian babes. Wait, all that is great but the downside could be contracting a nasty bug, dangerous water, gun crime and unfinished venues. Hmm, maybe it’s better to stay at home and watch all the action from the comfort of your TV or even at any of the big screens posted all over London.

Brazilian beauties too

We can even go one further and help you with a date with that gorgeous Brazilian beauty as our gallery of exclusive and high class escorts includes stunning Latin lovelies too – so you don’t have to miss out on all the fun at all!

High energy encounters

At exclusive London models you could be in for an afternoon or evening of high energy fun yourself. You won’t need to have trained for the last four years either! Our Brazilian beauties are available in all areas of London should you want to go for gold and spend one of the hottest encounters of your life with a model London escort. At our elite London escort agency we like to think that we bring the essence of Rio to your door. Our outcall escorts are happy to visit clients at their homes or hotels anywhere in the city so if you want to watch the hundred metres together you can do so without any of the pitfalls (or the cost) of travelling thousands of miles. Since the race only lasts around 10 seconds you might have to rely on your chosen London escort to suggest something else to do with your time together and given that our stunners certainly are an imaginative lot, we are sure they have thrills and spills planned to keep you enthralled. Why not give us a call and make that date tonight.

Get off the grid


Causing a stir this week on *ahem* social media,  is the bar in Hove which has installed a Faraday cage in its ceiling. Apologies for dashing your hopes that this cage would hold some erotic dancer or other, its actual purpose is to block mobile signals.  The owner of the bar wants to bring back real face to face communication and is fed up with people going out and spending all their time engrossed in their phones. Of course given that it was discussed on social media, people were not happy. Whether or not this is actually legal remains to be seen and many express their concern and even outright anger at ‘being off grid’ in case of an emergency however at Exclusive London Models we think this is actually a good idea.

Off the grid with our London escorts

It’s nice to be able to focus all your attention in the task in hand – even if it is just simply kicking back and relaxing for an hour or two. There is a huge amount of emphasis placed on being ‘available’ all the time and sometimes this simply allows others to butt in on your own private time without your permission. The fact that with geo positioning systems in almost all phones and also the fact that we tend to be constantly linked to one social platform or another, others always know where we are and what we are doing. It can be helpful if you simply want to get away from it all and have some ‘me’ time. Of course this is especially useful if you are planning to enjoy a high class encounter with our beautiful London escorts. You will not want anything interrupting your time together and probably would rather not announce your plans to the rest of the world. The Gin Club in Hove is certainly the start of things to come and you never know, we might well see the start of being able to choose whether we want to choose communication or non-communication areas in all social places. For a first rate encounter without any interruptions enjoy a private date with our sensational Exclusive London escorts.


Keep it cool in Summer

Unlike the charm of summer days in a rooftop bar, hitting the sack when you are feeling hot and sweaty can be painfully uncomfortable. To make matters worse, a vast majority of our British public do not have air-conditioning in our homes, so here are five useful tips to make summer nights slightly more bearable besides the obvious ideas of ditching the thick duvet:


Give your sheets a freeze

It may seem a little absurd to put your bed sheets in the freezer instead of the washer but hey, whatever it takes to have a more cooling sleep right? So if the heat is keeping you up, remove your sheets, place them in a carrier bag and pop it into the freezer for a little freeze. It’s like freeze pop for your skin.


Ice up your fan

This method is a cheap and obviously less effective alternative to an air-con, but it beats doing nothing to bring down the temperature. Fill a huge bowl with ice cubes or cold water and prop it in front of your fan. The fan will then pick up the cold moisture from the melting of the ice cubes and circulate the cool air instead of spreading warm air around. Do keep it away from the electric though!


Take a cold shower

A cold shower is probably the first thing anyone would do to refresh themselves during a terribly stuffy night. Just before going to bed, brave an cold shower and you will all set a good night’s sleep. Or not. This would depend on whether you had booked an overnight date with one of our high class London model escorts. Either way these ideas can keep you cooler during a steamy encounter because, lets face it, when you have booked a date with our sensational London escorts you don’t want the pesky british weather to spoil your fun

The old ideas are best!

Last week London witnessed yet another typically British event at Alexandra Palace – the good old English past time of careering down a steep hill with a pram! The inaugural Great British Pram race was organised by the Club de Fromage (so yes, the event was cheesy and quirky like us Brits) and Uncool Events, which took place on July 23.


During the race, participants had to release their oversized prams ( remember the old Silver cross type?) from the top of Alexandra Palace down a 3.56 km route in a speedy and bumpy jaunt. Original pram races had grown men dressed as babies in them but unfortunately, due to health and safety the prams had to be empty of real humans.


As it was a fundraising event for The Motor Neurone Disease Association and Parkinson’s UK, the competition was absolutely friendly and safe! No babies or children were allowed to be in the pram during the race, and definitely, no Gladiator-style weapons were to be attached to the wheels. The race witnessed lots of creative strollers, from vintage models to handcrafted versions to recycled street side prams to brand new cutting edge aluminium three-wheelers. Overall, the race was captivating and filled with laughter with some participants walking away with attractive prizes for best dressed.


If you missed this year’s race, start anticipating next summer’s and get creative on your baby-mobile. These types of events are fun in the sun and certainly the kind of thing our beautiful elite London escorts like to enjoy. Despite looking like they had stepped from the pages of a glossy magazine, our VIP London escorts are very down to earth and love to have a great time. You might be surprised as to how vibrant and energetic our girls are so never judge a book by its cover – however glamorous!

Urban beaches for the summer in London

Travelling to the coast sounds too much of a hassle for you? Fret not urban dwellers, for convenience have always been at our fingertips. This summer, the capital have an unbelievable number of urban beaches brought specially to our doorsteps! So put on your beach wear, enjoy a refreshing mojito while wriggling your toes in the sand and still catch the tube home! Here are some of the top urban beaches to hang this season:


Pop over to Brixton Beach Boulevard for an exclusive fourteen weekends of daytime parties on a retro themed rooftop beach! Feel the sand between your toes as you indulge in distinctive summer cocktails, retro film screenings, DJs, food stalls and live sports broadcasts! Life can’t get any better than this.


Head over to the South Bank as you lay your beach towel on Cabana’s take on Rio’s most famous beach to get into the Olympics mood – Copacabana Beach! With 85 tonnes of fine white sand, a unique Brazillian BBQ in a yellow tram and a caipirinha, soak yourself in the charming Brazilian ambience even if you are not in Rio de Janeiro. Probably best that you are not given the adverse press for the area at the moment!


If you are unable to decide between shopping or the beach, make your way to the Brent Cross shopping centre and immerse yourself in a sandy evening stroll. Featuring 350 tonnes of golden sand, kick back and relax with a myriad of activities such as Punch and Judy shows, performances by Brazilian dancers, jugglers, stilt walkers and various rides! All this of course can be enjoyed in the company of our elite London escorts at Exlusive model escorts agency. Just give us a call and let us know what your plans are so that our beach babes can get their bikinis out!