too much time on your hands?

Trending today is the shocking story of a two-year-old from Washington DC who was fined $75 when a letter with her name on was found in alley near her home. Despite being a toddler, the two-year-old received a ‘notice of violation’! In this ludicrous case, the key piece of evidence that was used was a letter from Bucky’s Buddies – a kids club where the tots mother went to college! Not only were the parents expected to pay this uncalled for fine, they also had the expense of attorney bills. The attorney insisted that the unaware toddler was innocent and fought in an attempt to have the fine rescinded. Although it isn’t clear how the letter ended up so far away from the family home, the parents believe a careless bin man must have accidently left the rubbish behind. In turn, this led to an innocent two-year-old being accused of littering, despite not even being old enough to take the bins out!

This ridiculous story goes to show how people have too much time on their hands! If you ever find yourself twiddling your thumbs looking for exciting pass times, why not contact one of our elite and professional escorts at Exclusive London Models Escort Agency? The last thing on your mind will be how bored you are feeling! Our irresistible portfolio of beautiful women available for various locations across London and for international appointments, is sure to meet all of your preferences. Our gorgeous brunettes, adventurous blondes and imaginative redheads are highly talented and very experienced – we guarantee that all of your dreams will become nothing but a reality. Whether you find yourself in need of a date for a social event or would simply like a companion to spend time with in your London apartment, we can cater to your every need. Contact Exclusive London Models Escort Agency on 0208 166 0209 or 07798 895 104 today!

Sex Crazed Spiders!

This autumn, a warning has been sent out to prepare people for the potentially 12cm long sex crazed spiders! Although the spiders are usually hidden away in the darkest corners of your home, this year they are apparently set to venture out into the daylight in an attempt to hunt for a female partner. In Derbyshire, residents have been advised against killing the spiders and instead encouraged to place them in a shed. This unwanted infestation of spiders has already affected many households in recent weeks – some residents have described the creatures as being as large as mice! A Pro-Kill Environmental worker has said that the spiders are usually reclusive but due to their urge to mate, they have been enticed out of the deep, dark depths in your home. Just to make the situation that little bit worse, he goes onto saying that the spiders are also there during other times of the year but they are just hidden away!

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Fun in the ‘art’ of London

Established in 1824, the National Gallery is home to over 2, 300 timeless pieces of art. Located in Trafalgar Square, the gallery is welcome to all and is surrounded by a sea of fashionable bars and restaurants. With world-famous pieces by the French Impressionists and medieval classics, you will find yourself completely mesmerized by the sheer beauty of some of the most famous pieces of art! The gallery also holds blockbuster exhibitions, courses and music concerts. Not only that, there are also free talks on a daily basis which do not need to be booked in advanced. So, if you’re spontaneous and have an appreciation of fine art, the National Gallery is just for you!

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Bank holiday fun

Who doesn’t love a bank holiday? Since this is the last free day off between now and Christmas, we tend to go all out to thoroughly make the most of the August break. It seems that the powers that be also understand our need to push the boat out this time with plenty of exciting events happening all across the city. Of course the most well known is the Notting Hill carnival n West London. Given that the recent end of the Olympics in Rio may have left some with a sense of loss, the carnival atmosphere is certainly something to drink in and take advantage of. There are also plenty of beer festivals, themed club nights and music festivals happening too if you can’t make it across the city to Notting Hill.

Bank holidays are times when our elite London escorts are always very busy. It seems that the extra day off allows people to fully relax and spend the extra day doing something they realy enjoy rather than catching up on life’s chores. We are all guilty of doing that on most weekends and usually before you know it, Sunday has arrived again heralding the end of the weekend. Not so this weekend. There will be no Sunday feeling this week and instead of a sense of impending doom you will feel nothing but elation, especially if you have a date with one of our beautiful high class London escorts lined up for Monday! We do urge clients to hurry though as our elite escorts in London are very much in demand and already many of our escorts have full diaries for the weekend.

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KFC Sunscreen! Crispy!

The fast food fried chicken chain of restaurants seem to have no boundaries and big ideas when it comes to totally unrelated merchandise. This week they launched their KFC ‘Col. Saunders extra crispy sunscreen’. It has an spf of 30 and apparently smells like fried chicken. Of course who doesn’t want to smell like fried chicken on the beach and be extra popular with stray dogs? We checked that it wasn’t April the 1st and since it is August we had no reason t believe it was an April fool joke.

This is not the first time the restaurant chain has raised eyebrows. In the summer they launched a friend chicken flavour nail polish which was hugely successful in Asia (of course) so they have little doubt that their sunscreen will be no less successful. We can’t help thinking that you will just end up being permanently hungry when the sun comes out but perhaps that is the idea!

Companies are resorting to weirder and wilder ways to promote their brands and whilst many are downright funny others , like this sunscreen, are just plain weird. It is highly unlikely that any of our VIP Model escorts will be lashing on this cream, they prefer far more exotic scents designed to attract discerning gents not stray mutts!

If you have a little more class then a visit to a sun drenched tropical paradise is just the ticket. Many of our model London escorts are available for international travel so you never have to experience this luxury alone. When the sun goes down you can enjoy your time together and become intoxicated with the sweet scent of seduction rather than fried chicken. At Exclusive London model escorts we tend not to rely on these types of gimmicks to promote our high class escort girls, just their elegance, beauty and erotic attraction is usually enough! Call now to make your date on 0208 166 0209

Let go of the reins

How much of a control freak do you consider yourself to be? Recent studies show that most gents – particularly those in positions of high responsibility, prefer to allow themselves to be much more submissive when they get the opportunity. Research shows that by doing this, gents can become much more productive in all aspects of their daily lives as they get the chance to totally relax mind, body and soul.

The best way to completely let go is to allow someone else take on the more domineering role – especially in private. Our very own Domination escorts are perfect for this as they have  no problem in making sure they are in charge and you simply sit back and enjoy the fun.

At Exclusive London models we have a number of high class London escorts who enjoy domination and who excel in imagination and creativity. They like to take the lead and will push you as far as your agreed boundaries will take you and leave you teetering on the brink of euphoria for as long as you can handle!

Domination during your private play time allows you to include all the senses. Everything is heightened that much more and your brain is diverted from worries or concerns that may have taken your attention and stopped you from having as much fun as you could. Our domination escorts are true experts in the field of pleasure so why not allow yourself some time away from the real world and explore your deepest desires in the very best company? Call exclusive London models to make a date with our domination and fetish escorts, like elite London escort Berta, today and see how far she can reach into your innermost desires. You might be surprised as to just how far you can go but you will never know unless you take that initial step and give us a call.

Black Lace

Black Lace does the trick every time. There can be nothing more seductive and erotic than a beautiful woman wearing black lace lingerie. As you can see from  our gallery, nearly all our lovely VIP London escorts have an abundance of delicate garments designed to titillate and tease and ultimately attract your attention. Not that our high class London escorts need much embellishment. Their beauty alone is breathtaking however it is more a sense of enthusiasm that our high class escorts in London like to further enhance your time together by appealing to your desires.

Of course as with everything in life everyone has different tastes and that is why our high class London escorts show themselves in a range of different outfits and locations. They are all imaginative and great fun to spend time with as whilst they look absolutely delicious in their intimate items they look just as good in evening wear and casual clothes. All encounters will be enhanced by the presence of our stunning London escorts so no matter whether you have a day out at the beach planned or perhaps cocktails for two in the city or just simply a cosy night in with a bottle of wine, our elite London escorts will always be perfectly prepared for any occasion.

Sometimes less is more and seduction can set raw nerves steady. We understand that given the sheer beauty and perfection of our elite London escorts some clients may feel a little disarmed. Our beauties are there to help you to relax and make all your dreams come true so anything that will set your heart rate soaring and your keep your attention from wandering are welcome. Black lace is a sure fire winner to ignite the flames of passion so when you see a glimpse of stocking top as your date sits beside you, know that it is there for your benefit alone.

City slickers

The city of London is where all the action happens. £ Multi billion deals are made every day so it is no surprise that those who work there can get a little stressed at times. The companionship they seek in the form of our beautiful escorts is perfect for them. Our elite London escorts demand nothing from them except their attention and enthusiasm – which, let’s face it, is not going to be difficult!

Our stunning London escorts enjoy their dates with those who work in the city of London. These are the people who really know how to party and at Exclusive London Model s we have a number of VIP London escorts that we consider to be the best party escorts in the country.; our girls love to have fun and are never afraid to show it. They are adventurous and daring yet retain their sense of seduction and feminine glamour. The beauty of our sensational escorts in London is also in the fact that once the date is over there is no further requirement for commitment of any kind. Our ladies are perfectly happy enjoying the moment and make no further demands on their clients. For those who work just as hard as they play this is the best of both worlds and so it is not surprising that our city escorts are always very much in demand.

The lives of those who work in the city tend to be dynamic. They are not always able to commit to arrangements very far in advance. At exclusive London models escort agency we aim to fulfil those last minute needs of our discerning clients and given that our extensive portfolio is full of delightful young ladies we are usually able to arrange for a suitable date with a highly desirable London escort with little notice. Obviously it is always best to aim to make arrangements in advance but where possible we always try to go that extra mile and this is something that our London escorts are proud of.

The benefits of massage

The art of massage is one which has been revered for centuries however it is only in recent years that it has lost the tainted view it gained as a seedy and undesirable form of relaxation. Massage is now one of the most popular ways to relax and unwind and is always featured heavily at spa’s and well clinics. Of course there still remain the erotic massage service providers and this too has gained a better reputation, especially since many of the most elite escorts have undertaken training in order to provide a top rate service.

At exclusive London models, many of our high class London escorts are experts in the field of massage. They know exactly how to relax that knotted muscle and how much pressure to apply to soothe your aching joints. They also know which points to address to fulfil certain desires and it is this pure knowledge that has helped to regain the confidence in sensual massage and the pleasure it can bring.

Massage is a great way to unwind and if the masseuse has a good technique, everything is possible. The difference between our London escorts who offer massage and the massage parlours of old is class and style. Our ladies use it as part of their service, not the entire service. It is an icebreaker so to speak and a way to get close and create an intimate bond that will enhance the overall encounter. A massage service is somewhat cold and distanced and quite frankly will not evoke the feelings you are looking for. Our high class London escorts have more style than that and, even if we do say so ourselves, the massage service you will receive from our London escorts will surpass anything you have ever experienced before. Call now and book your sensual massage with one of our high class London escorts.

Top scores

At Exclusive London Models escort agency we like reviews – who doesn’t? Of course it is fabulous to bask in the glory of those who appreciate what you do but it is also helpful to get honest and genuine thoughts from our clients which are used to improve and enhance the service we provide.

At our London escort agency we actively encourage those who have used our services to leave a review. Of course a glowing review will help to sway those who are pondering on whether to call us or not but more than that it shows that we are listening to the needs of our clients and should there be anything else we can do to make your time even better then we want to hear! If you don’t know you are doing something wrong – how can you improve on it.

As with any relationship, communication is key and a review is the communication we have with our clients who have experienced time with our stunning London escorts. For potential clients a review is an invaluable source of information. It will basically tell him whether we are honest in our descriptions of our escorts, whether indeed our escorts are genuine and whether it is a safe bet to book. No one likes to waste money and in the busy world in which we live, wasting time is even more precious. A review will put a potential client’s mind at rest.

Of course in an ideal world, all reviews will be wonderful but sometimes expectations may not be fully met and even in these circumstances we still want to hear from clients. Our service is one which we aim to improve all the time so when things do not go to plan we can only learn to avoid them in future if we know about them in the first place. So, all in all, we want our clients to remain in contact with us and in doing so they help to improve the service our London escort agency provides.