Black Lace

Black Lace does the trick every time. There can be nothing more seductive and erotic than a beautiful woman wearing black lace lingerie. As you can see from  our gallery, nearly all our lovely VIP London escorts have an abundance of delicate garments designed to titillate and tease and ultimately attract your attention. Not that our high class London escorts need much embellishment. Their beauty alone is breathtaking however it is more a sense of enthusiasm that our high class escorts in London like to further enhance your time together by appealing to your desires.

Of course as with everything in life everyone has different tastes and that is why our high class London escorts show themselves in a range of different outfits and locations. They are all imaginative and great fun to spend time with as whilst they look absolutely delicious in their intimate items they look just as good in evening wear and casual clothes. All encounters will be enhanced by the presence of our stunning London escorts so no matter whether you have a day out at the beach planned or perhaps cocktails for two in the city or just simply a cosy night in with a bottle of wine, our elite London escorts will always be perfectly prepared for any occasion.

Sometimes less is more and seduction can set raw nerves steady. We understand that given the sheer beauty and perfection of our elite London escorts some clients may feel a little disarmed. Our beauties are there to help you to relax and make all your dreams come true so anything that will set your heart rate soaring and your keep your attention from wandering are welcome. Black lace is a sure fire winner to ignite the flames of passion so when you see a glimpse of stocking top as your date sits beside you, know that it is there for your benefit alone.