Hither Green is located in South East London just over 6 miles away from Charing Cross. Like much of greater London, the area grew as a result of the arrival of the railways in the late 19th century however instead of becoming industrialised, the area managed to retain its village feel which is partly why it is so appealing today. Our own Hither Green escorts love the fact that the area is almost untouched by the passing of time as it attracts plenty of visitors who want to take in the beautiful scenery as well as enjoy the excellent access into the busier parts of the city. Even though it feels as if one is in the countryside, Hither Green is located within London and so is one of the places that our outcall London escorts will visit. Given the fact that Hither Green is considered to be slightly more upmarket than other London areas, our elite London escorts are the perfect partners for locals and those who visit this beautiful area of South East London.
Prior to the railways, Hither green was a rural area with plenty of green fields and very few homes. In the middle ages, it was called Romborough and was documented as a thriving farming village which supplied many London homes with their fresh produce. The Black Death arrived and took every single inhabitant of the hamlet rendering it a ghost town. Such was the superstition at the time that Romborough disappeared from existence and the area was avoided for centuries. It was only with the ever-expanding growth of London and the passage of some 600 years, and of course a new name that Hither Green was born.
Our Hither Green escorts are happy to arrange dates with visitors and locals alike. If you have never been to the area it is always best to meet with your sexy escort at a local landmark. In Hither Green, the best known landmark is the Water Tower with the large clock face. It currently resides in the middle of the town however it was originally built as part of the Park Fever Hospital. This hospital focused on the treatment of infectious diseases and at the time it was built scarlet fever and diphtheria were common killers. It is somewhat ironic that a hospital with such interests should be built on a site which saw all its historic inhabitants wiped out by an infectious disease however the hospital closed in 1997 after its centenary to make way for a new housing estate and the clock tower is all that remains.
Hither Green is surprisingly pub free. If you want to enjoy an evening of drinks with our Hither Green escorts for company then there are limited options. This is due to the lease clauses put in place by the Quaker housebuilder in the 19th Century. Archibald Corbett did not approve of alcohol so he ensured that the buildings he created would never allow its sale so the only public house in the area is The Station Hotel. There are of course plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy a drink with your meal but for a more alcohol based night out, head towards nearby Lee.
Escorts in Hither Green tend to go a little further afield when they want to enjoy a night out. With Lewisham and Catford so close by there is often not very far to go however we usually find that our clients simply prefer an intimate night with our escorts Hither Green anyway but whatever your needs, we can make any arrangements for you, locally or otherwise.