London is a city which is constantly evolving and this has been the secret to its longevity throughout the ages. Battersea is a prime example of an area which has been through a complete metamorphosis to emerge as a shining example of modern design and living. Few places have the vibrant buzz that Battersea is now known for, the once grimy forgotten streets are now full of busy young professionals enjoying their free time that their flexible working hours allow.

Coffee shops, bars and al fresco dining are all featured heavily here. The new residential developments and high rise apartment buildings attract the up and coming future success stories of the city  who enjoy life to the full in all areas of their lives. The Old Battersea power station has dominated the London skyline for generations although where once it provided coal energy to the city it now thrives on a new energy, that of its business and residential residents.

From a highly desirable vantage point along the river Thames, the new Battersea development is accessible to all other areas of the city by foot. Where transport is needed, the option of various road, rail and river taxi’s fulfil all needs. With a new Northern line station under construction the aim is to ensure that access to every single point within and out of the city is easily available and when the new crossrail line is in place access to Heathrow and therefore the rest of the world is only 30 minutes away.

Given all the delights that are promised within the virtual new town of Battersea it is highly unlikely that you would ever need or indeed want to leave! Shopping, Culture, entertainment, business and residential areas have all been considered and included in this mammoth build. Parkland too is just a short stroll away with the 200 acre Battersea park providing all the greenness and leafy tranquillity a city dweller could desire.

It is no wonder then that our Battersea escorts are delighting in what the future offers. With all the new, well heeled  residents in the area,  the demand for high quality companionship is expected to see a sharp rise and of course our elite escorts in Battersea are the ideal ladies with whom to spend some quality time.

New and thriving community in Battersea

Battersea is a place that will feature heavily in the itineries of visitors to London. This is a whole new community built to reflect the needs and future desires of a fast paced capital city. Luxury homes offering waterside living in a thriving and exciting Capital will provide the comfort and privacy that will attract those who want to live their lives to the full. Unlike anything seen before, people are expected to flock to the area to enjoy all the facilities that are planned. The area is a multipurpose zone in the city which will be a wonderful place for those who live elsewhere to visit for nights out and weekends away. Our Battersea escorts will be well placed to offer their services to locals and visitors alike.

In much the same way that people visit Knightsbridge and Kensington, visitors to Battersea will be drawn in from near and far to enjoy the culture, The Arts, fine dining, entertaining shows and beautiful landscaping. Where people are attracted to the West End for their fix of Theatre and dance so they will also be attracted to the best end, as Battersea is becoming known for a vibrant mix of entertainment and social pleasure.


Battersea climbs the social ladder

Battersea has always been the poor relation to its cousin Chelsea. Separated geographically only by a single suspension bridge the two areas could not have been more different in atmosphere, style and reputation however with the regeneration of the area, Chelsea may well feel its grip on  the upper hand slipping.  Chelsea is reflective of Victorian and Edwardian London whilst Battersea is a roaring reflection of London in the 21st century. Steel construction with glass reflecting the shimmer of the water and the sparkle of the sun, one could be forgiven for thinking the design has been created from the concept of the city of Oz! This is no dream through and indeed the presence of our stunning Elite Battersea escorts will only enhance the reputation for quality and elegance that the area expects to gain.


VIP Battersea escorts

Our gallery of beautiful Battersea escorts has been chosen with consideration and care. Each of our elite London escorts in this corner of South west London  possesses the qualities that our esteemed clients expect. They are blessed with beauty, refinement and of course a sense of adventure that is so in keeping with the vibrant area itself.  Whether our clients are seeking some quality female companionship for elite dinner dates or whether they are looking to spend time with a rare beauty in the privacy and comfort of their riverside penthouse, Exclusive London Models is able to match each clients with the ideal Battersea escort in order to fulfil all requirements.


Exclusive incalls with our Battersea escort girls


Given that Battersea is expected to grow as the hub of the city itself, its popularity for our own London escorts is predicted to soar and the existing local area will enjoy a new lease of life too. At Exclusive London models escort agency, we have a number of local Battersea escorts who are available to offer incalls. Most gentlemen consider a date with an escort in Chelsea or Kensington to be one of the most exclusive encounters they could enjoy however our Battersea escorts who will offer incalls in their luxury apartment suites will certainly offer an exciting alternative.

Even for those who do not expect to live locally but simply to visit to enjoy the atmosphere and buzz of the new area, a chance to enjoy an encounter with our beautiful Battersea escorts is possible. Within all the new construction, hotels will be included so booking a room for a short period may be the ideal opportunity to enjoy an intimate liaison with our elite Battersea escorts in South West London.


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