Anyone for Desert with Ava?

As an outcall escort in London, I get to go to plenty of places around the city and as a slim brown eyed blonde, I find that I have no limit of requests for dates. There are so any that I have enjoyed but here is a date that I enjoyed recently and is just a taster of what we could expect to enjoy together if we were to go out in London.

I love visiting the theatre and I was lucky enough, back in the summer, to be asked to accompany a client for an evening at the London Coliseum to watch the Royal National ballet perform the timeless classic, Swan Lake. The performance started at 7.30 and we were to meet and have drinks in the theatre bar at 6.45. I took great care getting ready that evening as I wanted to create a look of timeless elegance and beauty. I decided upon a Grecian style dress in pale peach which was hand embroidered with delicate roses with tiny diamantes which caught the light when I moved. With my long hair, softly framing my face and some sparkly heels to give some height, I am only 5’5 so I am fortunate that I can wear very high heels without being too tall for my companions, I was ready.

I entered the bar at precisely 6.45 and it was already extremely busy. There were people jostling for bar service and I spied my companion at the far end, waving his hand to catch my attention. He had already ordered our drinks and found a secluded table away from the throng. We spent the next forty five minutes chatting and laughing and I felt comfortable and at ease with my date when it was time to watch the performance. We moved arm in arm to our seats in the dress circle and we settled down to enjoy the beauty and grace of the dancers.

The performance lasted three hours however the time just flew by as we were both enjoying it so much. Emotionally exhausted we followed the rest of the audience out to the bar and onto the chill of the evening air. My companion had thoughtfully booked a table for us at bertorelli’s which was just a short walk from the Theatre and we made our way there, again arm in arm, discussing our favourite moments of the ballet. We were just in time for last orders at the restaurant and so giggling like a pair of school children we only ordered our main courses whispering to each other that we would have dessert back at his hotel.
The meal was simply delicious, light and full of flavour. More wine was savoured and enjoyed and we were so engrossed in each other that we did not notice that the restaurant had emptied and we were the last couple left. The waiting staff were cleaning up around us and we realised that it was time to leave. We hailed a black cab and rode the short journey in amicable silence back to his hotel.

He held my hand to assist me out of the cab and didn’t let go until we reached his room where he helped me out of my coat and turned to face me. He stroked my cheek and lent down to kiss me softly. He was so tender I melted into his arms and gave myself fully to his embrace. He lifted me up and carried me carefully over to the plumped bed and lay me down. We both kicked off our shoes but all the while our eyes were locked in a visual embrace.

He lay down on the bed beside me and kissed my lips in tiny little butterfly kisses and I reached my hands up to his neck and caressed his neck and shoulders. They snaked down his back and under his jacket to feel the warm, smooth skin of his back and he sat up enough so that I could remove both his jacket and his shirt. His kisses were becoming more urgent now and I responded with passionate kisses of my own, biting his bottom lip and entwining my tongue around his. He began undressing me by undoing the clasp which effectively held the whole dress together and as it was released the dress melted away from my skin to reveal my smooth bare flesh. He took a sharp intake of breath and whispered ‘you’re beautiful’ drinking in the sight of my flat belly, the curve of my hip and my full, pert breasts. He explored every part of me with his hands, tongue and lips, all the while working his way down to my most womanly of places. He paused slightly upon arrival and I could feel his hot breath between my legs. I was more than ready for him so I parted my legs slightly and lifted my hips to almost offer myself to him.

He needed no further encouragement and enthusiastically continued his explorations with his tongue. He drove me wild with desire, his probing tongue was relentless and each time I reached fulfilment I thought I had reached heaven however he had other ideas and he kept me on the brink as each wave of passion washed over me. I was writhing on the bed almost crawling away, such was the intensity of each orgasm, but he wouldn’t let me relax and kept sucking, probing, rubbing. His power was such that he wouldn’t let me touch him and he kept me pinned down to enjoy the ultimate pleasure I have ever felt. I reached a point where I felt an intense feeling like a white hot ball growing from within, it became more and more intense as his thumb slid back and forth over me, faster and faster. I cried out and began panting, short, shallow breaths. My hips had a mind of their own and they began to jerk and spasm of their own accord in response to his thumb. Then he knew I was ready. He slid powerfully inside and held himself there, completely still. No thrusting, no pumping just completely still. I was amazed that I could feel him pulsating inside and my own contractions held him tight, squeezing with each pulse. After what seemed like an age, we both released and fell back onto the bed, exhausted. He stroked my cheek and we smiled almost shyly at each other. He held me in a safe embrace, encircled in his arms and he kissed the top of my head. I must have dozed, because when I awoke, the thin pale light of very early morning was extending across the room.

I slid quietly out of the bed so that I didn’t disturb my companion and I padded softly to the shower. The water was invigorating and before long I was dressed and ready to leave. As I collected my shoes I noticed a peach rose laid across an envelope with my name on. I slipped both into my bag and kissed my companion on his stubbly cheek before quietly leaving.