Aldi’s New Vodka

As the festive season approaches ever nearer, people are starting to stock up for the Christmas season which means that most people tend to buy things that they don;t usually as part of their weekly shop. Stores and supermarkets take advantage of this by advertising Christmas themed drinks and food to tempt people into giving it a try and this week Aldi has launched their newest version of Vodka, the Salted Caramel flavour.

It would be fair to say that most people tend not to have this as part of the every day drinks cabinet and this type of flavour is definitely something that most people will try in the spirit of Christmas so whilst Aldi is known as a cheaper type of supermarket, it would certainly pay to risk just a couple of pounds when trying something new, because, lets face it, if you don’t like it you can always palm it off on Christmas guests or let it collect dust in the back of the cabinet without any worry as you didn’t spend too much on it in the first place however we have a feeling that this flavour vodka is not going to simply languish in the background but with all the different types of cocktails that can be created, it is likely to become a best seller!

Other unusual flavours can also be picked up if you make a visit to the cut price supermarket. They have also brought out a chocolate flavour wine which is sure to go down well on girls’ nights out! The Rubis chocolate, non vintage wine is said to have the velvety texture of smooth dark chocolate with a hint of fig so perfect to enjoy whilst snuggled up in front of a real log fire!

Winter may be the season that most people dread because of the long nights and colder evenings however many of our beautiful London escorts actually love the winter season as it offers the perfect excuse to get cosy and intimate. One of the most enjoyable parts of winter is lighting a real fire and laying down some fur rugs and getting naked in front of the flames. There is nothing more erotic and sensual than this and really the only time in the year that this is timely is in winter. Given the fact that London tends not to see too much snow, this is why so many people go off and spend time in remote cabins or lodges in the wilderness as it gives them plenty of privacy and quiet so that they can enjoy their time with their companion as much as possible. Obviously this is a little unlikely in London, even with all the alpine cabins popping up all over the place!

London is more of a party city central and with this in mind all the alpine lodges tend to focus on providing drinks and another new offering to hit this season is hot gin. Yes, hot. Whilst the bar making these weird and wonderful concoctions is based in Cambridge, we think it is only a matter of time before it ventures into the capital. Why not try a hot Gin Toddy which consists of lemon, sugar and gin infused with hot water and garnished with a cinnamon stick. If that is not your poison of choice then how about a gin based mulled wine where the wine is replaced with hot gin coupled with cloves and lemon slices. It is like everything in life, you can enjoy something completely new if you only let your imagination run away with you – the same applies for the dates with our beautiful London escorts so why not run with your imagination.