too much time on your hands?

Trending today is the shocking story of a two-year-old from Washington DC who was fined $75 when a letter with her name on was found in alley near her home. Despite being a toddler, the two-year-old received a ‘notice of violation’! In this ludicrous case, the key piece of evidence that was used was a letter from Bucky’s Buddies – a kids club where the tots mother went to college! Not only were the parents expected to pay this uncalled for fine, they also had the expense of attorney bills. The attorney insisted that the unaware toddler was innocent and fought in an attempt to have the fine rescinded. Although it isn’t clear how the letter ended up so far away from the family home, the parents believe a careless bin man must have accidently left the rubbish behind. In turn, this led to an innocent two-year-old being accused of littering, despite not even being old enough to take the bins out!

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This little piggy!

Most small animals are cute – we often see pictures of piglets wearing little wellies and kittens wearing small knitted hats! However, in China, the birth of an unusual little piglet has taken the internet by storm! Photos of the animal have been shared on various social network sites and show the animal with its tongue out as it yawns and gasps for breath. The piglets ears are also flat against its head and it appears to have been born with a human like face and a ‘penis’ on its head! While the photos and videos have gone viral, it is not yet clear what has caused such severe deformities or how the young piglet has even survived! Although this isn’t something you hear every day, a few months ago another pig ‘became famous’ for being born with two heads! Despite its deformities, the farmer vowed to raise the pig the same as any other. Despite being offered money for the pig, the farmer refused.

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Passion for History?

In 1990, an archeological team discovered the remains of the Egyptian cities of Canopus and Thonis-Heracleion. The lost cities were discovered beneath the Mediterranean, a few miles off the coast. For the first time, these endearing pieces of history are being presented in the UK at the British Museum in Bloomsbury. Running until the 26th November, there is no excuse to miss out on the Sunken Cities: Egypt’s Lost World exhibition. The exhibition also tells the story of how the famous river Nile was a major trading hub between Egypt and it’s Greek (then Roman) neighbours across the sea. While some of the museums pieces have been loaned from Egyptian museums, each object tells a fascinating story of Egypt’s history. Although the submerged items are deemed the most interesting, each part of the exhibition will keep you hooked!

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Sex Crazed Spiders!

This autumn, a warning has been sent out to prepare people for the potentially 12cm long sex crazed spiders! Although the spiders are usually hidden away in the darkest corners of your home, this year they are apparently set to venture out into the daylight in an attempt to hunt for a female partner. In Derbyshire, residents have been advised against killing the spiders and instead encouraged to place them in a shed. This unwanted infestation of spiders has already affected many households in recent weeks – some residents have described the creatures as being as large as mice! A Pro-Kill Environmental worker has said that the spiders are usually reclusive but due to their urge to mate, they have been enticed out of the deep, dark depths in your home. Just to make the situation that little bit worse, he goes onto saying that the spiders are also there during other times of the year but they are just hidden away!

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Brazzer account? Bad news!

There’s bad news for the users of the popular porn site Brazzers. Unfortunately, it has recently come to light that 790, 724 email address and passwords have been leaked. The data was first spotted by a data-breach monitoring website but thankfully, it appears that no credit card details have been leaked. According to a spokesperson for the site Brazzers, the leaked passwords date back to 2012 and have come from a forum, not the main site! Never the less, this is not good news for the fans of erotic films such as ‘Big Tits in History’. While a small portion of online users were exposed, corrective measures were taken within days in a bid to protect the sites customers! Although this might cause some people embarrassment, there is nothing to be ashamed of! We all have our own secret pleasures, it’s just a shame that on this occasion they have not been kept ‘secret’.

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Unique afternoon experience

Ideal for two, this quirky and unique afternoon tea will make a welcomed change. The five-star Courthouse Hotel, just off Regent Street, is offering something much more interesting than the usual rushed lunch. Boasting delicious red bean pancakes, delicate sushi and much more, this dining experience is one that you will want to experience again and again! Replacing the traditional scones and breakfast tea that you would usually expect, this afternoon tea is both a unique and indulgent treat. Whether you take this opportunity to break up your busy working day or indulge yourself at the weekend, you will not be disappointed.

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Cooling down is hard work!

It may not be the most orthodox of methods but apparently at Dartmoor Zoo this is not the first time this tactic has been used! In a bid to coax a Siberian tiger, Vladimir, back into his pen so staff could build a pond, workers were dressed as ghosts and were seen running around with pink bed sheets over their heads! It was reported that the workers utilized this strange tactic after Vladimir refused the offer of meat and large playing balls. The enthusiastic workers have been said to have committed half of their day to running alongside the tiger’s enclosure. Eventually however, their efforts paid off, allowing the team of Royal Marine volunteers to dig the pond so that the tiger was able to cool down.

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Fun in the ‘art’ of London

Established in 1824, the National Gallery is home to over 2, 300 timeless pieces of art. Located in Trafalgar Square, the gallery is welcome to all and is surrounded by a sea of fashionable bars and restaurants. With world-famous pieces by the French Impressionists and medieval classics, you will find yourself completely mesmerized by the sheer beauty of some of the most famous pieces of art! The gallery also holds blockbuster exhibitions, courses and music concerts. Not only that, there are also free talks on a daily basis which do not need to be booked in advanced. So, if you’re spontaneous and have an appreciation of fine art, the National Gallery is just for you!

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Theatre dates with our Chelsea escorts

For those with a love of the theatre, London has an enormous amount to offer! With a selection of highly rated and extremely popular shows taking place across various London locations, there is something to suit everyone. Ranging from Phantom, to Breakfast at Tiffany’s to the Bodyguard, the unmissable shows will give you a night to remember! Also surrounding London’s well-established and historic theatres, is an array of exclusive restaurants, bars and nightclubs that will keep you entertained through until dawn! With an opportunity to visit the theatre throughout the week or at the weekend, your evenings are guaranteed to be both enjoyable and memorable. However, if you would like to continue the relaxed evening back at your own apartment, there are plenty of tube stations situated close by so travel is never a problem.

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Relaxing airtravel with our escort models

We all know that aeroplanes are not the most comfortable of places, but if you’re en route to a tropical island of course comfort is a small price to pay for a short period of time! Whilst you know that you’re not going to be sat in the agonizingly rigid position you have found yourself in for the rest of your life, you can’t help but get a little frustrated. In an attempt to relieve the dull aches and pains, you find yourself taking regular walks up and down the cabin, as do the majority of people. Yes, that’s all pretty normal! However, what you do not expect to see taking place beside you, is a woman engaging in some very compromising yoga positions. Although the stretches started off as being relatively normal (neck stretches and that kind of thing!), the woman soon proceeded to do a headstand on her seat! Finally, after 20 minutes, the flight attendant asked her to stop. Despite being hesitant, the woman complied and soon normality was restored.

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