Get out of Dodge!

A bank holiday is the perfect excuse to pack your bags and head out of the city for a couple of days. Let’s face it, the only reason you know it is sunny is because they told you in your newsfeed. You haven’t actually seen the sky in real life since April – wasn’t that the last bank holiday? You can no longer fool yourself that paying over £5 for a soft drink on a crowded roof terrace in the city is relaxing so get on a train and feel the tension leave you every minute you are further away from Kings cross.

If you feel a sense of panic arise upon leaving the city, we have plenty of companions who can accompany you and help you through the transition from city to countryside. Our elite London escorts love everything about of capital however they also appreciate the need to down tools once in a while and totally cut yourself off from the norm. Turn your emails off and only use your phone to update your social feed or better still, leave your phone at home and simply store the pictures of the day on that thing inside your head and, let’s say, call them memories! Radical we know.

Our elite London escorts are the perfect companions with whom to ignore the rest of the world. They have the knack of being able to instinctively know exactly what you  need, and not just behind closed doors. As well as being irresistible, our London escorts are fun and intelligent and also very adventurous so whether it is a day trip or a weekend away they will always be more than willing to be your partner in crime (so to speak)!

Not only will your lungs thank you for a day out in the fresh air, your mind and body will too. As the saying goes – a change is as good as a rest, and believe us, our London escorts won’t accept you resting whilst you are with them but you will feel all the better for your little trip to heaven and back! Call us at Exclusive London models to make your date a reality now. 0208 166 0209

Bank holiday fun

Who doesn’t love a bank holiday? Since this is the last free day off between now and Christmas, we tend to go all out to thoroughly make the most of the August break. It seems that the powers that be also understand our need to push the boat out this time with plenty of exciting events happening all across the city. Of course the most well known is the Notting Hill carnival n West London. Given that the recent end of the Olympics in Rio may have left some with a sense of loss, the carnival atmosphere is certainly something to drink in and take advantage of. There are also plenty of beer festivals, themed club nights and music festivals happening too if you can’t make it across the city to Notting Hill.

Bank holidays are times when our elite London escorts are always very busy. It seems that the extra day off allows people to fully relax and spend the extra day doing something they realy enjoy rather than catching up on life’s chores. We are all guilty of doing that on most weekends and usually before you know it, Sunday has arrived again heralding the end of the weekend. Not so this weekend. There will be no Sunday feeling this week and instead of a sense of impending doom you will feel nothing but elation, especially if you have a date with one of our beautiful high class London escorts lined up for Monday! We do urge clients to hurry though as our elite escorts in London are very much in demand and already many of our escorts have full diaries for the weekend.

Even if you intend to stay in and make the most of an intimate and private indoors then our VIP London escorts are the perfect playmates. All of our London escorts offer an outcall service so they will be happy to visit you at your home or hotel wherever you are in London. Just give us a call and let us know which of our London escorts you would like to see and we will make all the arrangements for you. 0208 166 0209

Night time talents?

Fancy being in charge of London’s night life? Do you consider yourself as being a public profile with leadership abilities? Know how to get our 24 hour economy booming? Then we may have just the job for you! London is seeking a night time Czar. The lucky appointee will be in charge of making London come alive at night but this is no mean feat with clubs and venues closing all time. With the introduction of  24 hour tubes comes the pressure to make them worthwhile and truly make our city one which is buzzing 24/7.

Of course our beautiful London escorts do their bit. Many of our stunners are available at all  hours so no matter what time of day or night our clients get the urge for some fun, our London escort agency always responds with a choice of sensational model escorts for companionship.

Our high class escort agency in London understands that clients visit from all over the world and as long as flights are coming into the city then the demand for our services will remain high. With working hours being extended and days are now seamlessly blending n with nights, our VIP London escorts are in demand at all times. London truly is becoming a city that never sleeps and our portfolio of elite escorts in London reflects this.

Whether you simply want to enjoy a night out on the town or something a little more intimate and cosy, our London escorts are the perfect companions for all outcomes. Our reception team are always on hand to offer advice and assistance and since we know each of our high class London escorts personally, we are best placed to be able to match you with the ideal companion for your needs. Why not call now and make that date on 0208 166 0209

Oysters off the menu

Dinner dates with our elite London escorts are very popular. We have a high number of clients who book these types of dates with our model escorts every week. Since there are so many award winning restaurants in all areas of London the choice is extensive, as is the same with our gallery of gorgeous girls. We all know that there are certain foods that are considered as aphrodisiacs. They are the ones which increase the sex hormones and raise the libido to record levels. Seafood is a strong contributor in this area with oysters coming top in the seduction stakes. They are high in zinc and their amino acids trigger the production of hormones which may lead to heightening sensual pleasure receptors in the body. This could all be coming to an end though since recent research has shown that with sea levels warming in general, the release of more bacteria in the waters mean that your favourite shellfish could soon be poisonous. So that’s oysters off the menu for foreplay then!

For those who enjoy a sensual and erotic dates with our model escorts in London this is not the end of the world. Our elite London escorts have wonderful imaginations and a great sense of creativity and the lack of oysters in not likely to impinge in any way on your pleasure together. Since there are so many other foods that are considered to have aphrodisiac properties the sky is the limit if you have a little imagination. Bananas, Avocado, Chocolate and honey have all been considered to be able to lift the erotic mood so all is not lost. Of course our high class London escorts do not need any outside stimulation to get you in the mood for fun. Their sense of adventure and their skills and talents mean that they are fully equipped to ensure you both have the very best time together. Call Exclusive London models to find out for yourself when you make a date with our high class London escorts. 0208 166 0209

KFC Sunscreen! Crispy!

The fast food fried chicken chain of restaurants seem to have no boundaries and big ideas when it comes to totally unrelated merchandise. This week they launched their KFC ‘Col. Saunders extra crispy sunscreen’. It has an spf of 30 and apparently smells like fried chicken. Of course who doesn’t want to smell like fried chicken on the beach and be extra popular with stray dogs? We checked that it wasn’t April the 1st and since it is August we had no reason t believe it was an April fool joke.

This is not the first time the restaurant chain has raised eyebrows. In the summer they launched a friend chicken flavour nail polish which was hugely successful in Asia (of course) so they have little doubt that their sunscreen will be no less successful. We can’t help thinking that you will just end up being permanently hungry when the sun comes out but perhaps that is the idea!

Companies are resorting to weirder and wilder ways to promote their brands and whilst many are downright funny others , like this sunscreen, are just plain weird. It is highly unlikely that any of our VIP Model escorts will be lashing on this cream, they prefer far more exotic scents designed to attract discerning gents not stray mutts!

If you have a little more class then a visit to a sun drenched tropical paradise is just the ticket. Many of our model London escorts are available for international travel so you never have to experience this luxury alone. When the sun goes down you can enjoy your time together and become intoxicated with the sweet scent of seduction rather than fried chicken. At Exclusive London model escorts we tend not to rely on these types of gimmicks to promote our high class escort girls, just their elegance, beauty and erotic attraction is usually enough! Call now to make your date on 0208 166 0209

Pack it in!

Even though it is coming to the end of the summer season, lots of people still have yet to enjoy their well earned breaks. A number of people tend to book ‘out of season’, that is that they aim to avoid the school holiday period and therefore enjoy a quieter and more relaxing time in the resort of their choice. Flights are much less stressful (and quieter) and the entire trip can be a peaceful and relaxing pleasure. Until you have to pack. Most women will agree that trying to fit a week or mores’ worth of belongings into a single suitcase is a nightmare. With airlines limiting the amount of luggage we are allowed, packing everything you need has developed into an art form.

A new video released this week showed a woman fitting over 100 items into her hand luggage case and it has seriously changed the way we look at packing! Excess baggage charges are to become a thing of the past!

If you travel regularly you will already have got your packing organised in a way that suits you and indeed our beautiful London escorts are used to fitting all their belongings into a small overnight bag. It is nothing short of magical although the use of packing cubes do come in handy!

At Exclusive London models, our high class escort companions are International beauties. They are often requested to spend the weekend away with their clients and so they have perfected the art of packing as well as many other things. Whether it is an international destination or a weekend away in the country, you will find that our London escorts have nothing short of super powers when it comes to bringing everything they need in a small overnight bag. Just right to drop into the boot and look forward to a wonderful weekend away. Call now to book your date with our high class London escorts at exclusive London models.

Messing about on the river

What better way to enjoy the last of the summer warmth than on a boat on The Thames. We don’t actually mean cruising up and down this historic stretch of water but rather, enjoying the various events available on the Good Ship Benefit. Moored at Embankment pier, this boat is only around until the end of the month but in the last two remaining weeks, there is still plenty of fun to be had.

If you fancy the traditional English past time of afternoon tea then you can enjoy this one with a magical twist. Disappearing dip, pink and orange scones and savoury lollipops add a new dimension of fun and take some of the stuffiness out of it all. The rooftop film club runs everyone’s favourite classics every evening and if you are in need of a makeover then head down to the Captain’s cabin where the benefit team can work their own magical wonders. Workout sessions for those with excess energy are available on Saturdays and you can load up on all those lost calories on Sunday with a bottomless brunch!

The Thames forms the backdrop to so many pleasurable events in London, all of which can be enjoyed in the company of our gloriously gorgeous London escorts. Given that the river runs through so many different areas of the city, you can find our High class escorts available in almost all of them, even those places that are out of the city itself.

There are other boats that are moored along the river which offer daytime and night time cruises so that you can see the landmarks of the city. Most of the oldest ones are situated along the riverside and at night they glitter and sparkle as they are reflected in the water adding a touch of romance to every moment. Make them even more magical by being with a VIP London escort so why not give us a call and make your date now.

Downsides of 24 hour tube

The new 24/7 all night London tube is starting this Friday amid a hail of celebrations however whilst it does at last bring London into the 21st century and is something that should have been done a long time ago, it does have its drawbacks.  Of course, given that London is an all night economy it makes sense that workers and party animals should be able to get home in the same way that they arrived. However if you live in the city it could cause a few issues people haven’t yet considered. If you live in a location at the end of a tube line, you will have been enjoying a cheaper rent and cost of living. Let’s face it, that’s why you chose to live there right? Well, as these places become better connected to the centre of the action that could all change – starting with your rent.

Many London estate agents were asked their opinion as to the effects of the night tube and most replied that they expected to see rent and property rises in area that have previously been unaffected by London rates. Of course these are the people most likely to benefit from this so they are bound to be enthused at their new cash cow. The upside though is in the fact that you probably won’t be affected to much since the money you waste on late night uber taxis will simply go towards your higher rent but the downside is the type of people likely to be using the tubes at 4am after an all-nighter.

At Exclusive London models escorts  our ladies are happy to visit clients in the outer reaches of the city. Outcalls are available in all areas of London and whilst our stunners are highly unlikely to ever use the 24 hour tube service, your enjoyment of your nocturnal pleasures will not change. Should you enjoy an incall encounter and you prefer to use the tube to get home yourself then things just got easier and if you are club hopping at the weekend, then you don’t at least have to miss out on the fun waiting for a taxi to arrive!

Fancy a fast pass?

Love music festivals but hate queuing? Now you can get a fast pass and spend less time waiting and more time having fun! Obviously this comes at a cost (of course) but does allow for that favourite past time of queue jumping that we all love so much.

The system is currently launching in the US and costs $85 however the pass does last for 5 years however you will still have to buy the tickets for the event itself too. The company seemed a little stumped when asked if there were only a limited number of fast pass tickets for each event and don’t seem to have considered the problems if everyone bought one so perhaps these issues will be ironed out before it becomes available in the UK.

At Exclusive London Models escort agency we have our own version of a fast pass. It is called, first come first served. Our elite London escorts are selective in the encounters they enjoy and are not so readily available as some escorts at other escort agencies. We like to ensure that each of our clients feels extremely special and so we never book back to back appointments for our ladies. Usually client s will book longer trysts which means that sometimes our high class escorts only see one or two people a week. We do urge clients to book with as much advance notice as possible just so that they do not experience the disappointment of missing out on time with their favourite escorts and given the fact that our model escorts in London are also in demand internationally, our ladies are often out of the country.

For gentlemen who enjoy the company of high class companions, our model escorts I London are the first choice for many. Our clients appreciate that quality usually comes at a price and they don’t mind waiting to see the beauty of their choice. Our ladies always do their utmost to ensure they are available at the required times but we do ask for advance notice so that our elite escorts in London ensure they are fully prepared and at their exquisite best for clients. Call to make your booking now with our elite London escorts on 0208 166 0209

Its toast for the post-it!

Technology is an amazing thing! Soon you won’t have to talk to your flatmate over breakfast ever again with the new Toasteroid coming to a shop near you soon. This wonderful gadget lets you write a message on your phone and send it to the toaster where it will imprint the message into your morning toast! You can send emojis, text whatever you want and is a great way  of communicating via food. Of course most of us just leave a post-it note on the fridge but this is a new way for getting creative. The company behind this masterpiece is currently raising money via Kick starter so it could be a while before it is in the shops.

As well as  household gadgets tech has taken on a new role to enlighten our lives in so many ways. Sextech may not be something you have heard of however it is promoted as the way forward is orgasmic ways. We can now interact sexually with partners who are not even with us and as they say – whatever it is , there’s an app for that! Of course when you book a date with any of our gorgeous London escorts you would expect them to be present. Whilst all the new tech looks great, it cannot beat the intimacy and pleasure of spending private time with another human being.

Hologram sex is the newest innovation which looks set to explode into a living near you sometime in the future. Not only will you be able to see your partner this amazing technology promises to enable you to feel and hear them too! Again, great if you are unable to make contact with your favourite companion but nothing can beat the genuine touch of another real human.  At Exclusive London models we have plenty of stunning companions so that you never have to resort to a hologram, unless of course you both want to add some spice into the equation! Call now to make your date with our genuine human London escorts.